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More bots - perredition - 08-11-2011

I like the selection of bots with different names, it adds to the atmosphere, but in short order their "faces" become more than familiar.
Attached is the bots list file, more than doubled in new personalities. To me, the names are becoming, yet again, too familiar, so I'm thinking doubling it again.
Is this something that could be included in Xonotic? If the names are not up to par, I can always add more and change them as per the devs' wishes.

RE: More bots - perredition - 08-11-2011

Sorry to those who have already downloaded it, it's for Nexuiz, I'm not sure how it will behave in Xonotic. Anyway, I've updated it, it now has 113 bots :-) and is made for Xonotic.
Tell me what you all think.

RE: More bots - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 08-12-2011

Wait, do i just put this in /data?

RE: More bots - perredition - 08-12-2011

Yes, but the bots.txt in the big data package (if there is one) might conflict with it

RE: More bots - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 08-13-2011

In that case, repack. (does the data have to be packed at all?)

i thought it would involve hacking the engine, or something like that!

RE: More bots - perredition - 08-14-2011

No. None of the data in the main pack, _has_ to be packed, it just is. You just need to remove the bots.txt from the pack, before adding the new one to the data dir. Ark and, I think, WinRAR support this without having to manually unpack anything.

RE: More bots - nowego4 - 08-14-2011

Can't you also just name it to something else, say for example "botscustom.txt" and the use "exec botscustom.txt" console command? Haven't tried it, seemed like it might work though.

RE: More bots - perredition - 08-15-2011

i don't think so. It's not a config file, simply rows of tab-delimited personality values

RE: More bots - unfa - 08-16-2011

Cool Big Grin

Did you type this by hand?

RE: More bots - perredition - 08-16-2011

Heheh, I did the first one. But then broke down and wrote this: Big Grin