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[AS]Onarail - Cortez666 - 08-17-2011

this the map SavageX and myself worked on lately

Its a beta at the moment.
It mostly needs details.



RE: [AS]Onarail - forseti - 08-17-2011

Here is a demo, maybe this 'hacks' might affect the gameplay on the map


RE: [AS]Onarail - kojn^ - 08-18-2011

I know you said this was a nexuiz-map re-make, but from the screenshots it looks exactly the same as UT's AS-Hispeed..except I'm guessing the train isn't moving (or that effect) like in UT's Hispeed..so you get resistance when running along the top of it Smile

Anyway, I'll try to get this tonight to have a look around it and give some feedback, good work getting a Assault map out Smile

RE: [AS]Onarail - nowego4 - 08-18-2011

What you really need is a shader for the ground that maps it's corrdanits to the moving trees or something, so that it appears to be moving... right now the moving trees look exactly like what they are... moving trees.

Also on the slime crates that the attackers destroy, only shooting the cage part will damage it... shooting the slime does not. I think this is confusing maybe, for example, on the first time on the map someone could run up to it with the sniper rifle, nex, mg etc, pour lead into it, and not get any damage, and then walk up with a shotgun and hit the metal and it dies quickly. A bit confusing, especially under fire. So perhaps a invisible box over the top that covered the whole crate and took the damage would be better.

Good concept for an assault map. Like the spawn tubes Smile

RE: [AS]Onarail - divVerent - 08-20-2011

SCNR about the Transrapid.

RE: [AS]Onarail - Cortez666 - 08-20-2011

Weil das ja klar ist!

RE: [AS]Onarail - kojn^ - 08-21-2011

Passed on my comments on IRC Smile