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Head bobbing. - Fixious - 09-11-2011

How can I disable this? I looked through the menu and didn't see anything. Can I do it via console?

RE: Head bobbing. - Maddin - 09-11-2011

Did you played online or offline? If you play offline you can disable it in Multiplayer -> Player Setup. When playing online you canĀ“t change it as far as I know because it is set by the server.

RE: Head bobbing. - It'sMe - 09-11-2011

there are several cvars to avoid/control bobbing

cl_bob is "0.01" ["0.01"] view bobbing amount
cl_bob2 is "0.01" ["0.01"] sideways view bobbing amount
cl_bob2cycle ["0"] sideways view bobbing speed
cl_bob2smooth ["0.05"] how fast the view goes back when you stop touching the ground
cl_bobcycle ["0"] view bobbing speed
cl_bobfall ["0.05"] how much the view swings down when falling (influenced by the speed you hit the ground with)
cl_bobfallcycle ["3"] speed of the bobfall swing
cl_bobfallminspeed ["200"] necessary amount of speed for bob-falling to occur
cl_bobmodel ["1"] enables gun bobbing
cl_bobmodel_side ["0.15"] gun bobbing sideways sway amount
cl_bobmodel_speed ["7"] gun bobbing speed
cl_bobmodel_up ["0.06"] gun bobbing upward movement amount
cl_bobup ["0.5"] view bobbing adjustment that makes the up or down swing of the bob last longer

To avoid that the weapon/body moves down, after a jump for example...
cl_bobup 0

RE: Head bobbing. - divVerent - 09-11-2011

Disabling it will also work online.

RE: Head bobbing. - Fixious - 09-11-2011

Thank you.