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What traps should I make? - Fireball - 09-16-2011

What kinds of traps should I have in a map. I have pits and lava and floors that break out, but what else can I have?

What are good types of rooms to have in a map, I want it to be fun

RE: What traps should I make? - Mepper - 09-17-2011

Ah... You're a mapper. Well, you could use every kind of trap you want, but make it obviously a trap, players should be able to recognize them.

What type map? If you want to make a map for Xonotic you should be aware of how you play this game. Xonotic is an extremely fast game, and for that reason maps inside houses are nota good idea.
In Xonotic maps you always have to be able to move arount swiftly. You shouldn't just make some rooms. I think you should first take a look at other Xonotic maps. But I think you shouldn't build just another facility, we have plenty of them. If you could make an outdoor map that would be better, we still only have a few outdoor maps.

RE: What traps should I make? - Fireball - 09-17-2011

I'm not interested in making maps for the official package or style, so I cannot take your advice. I am asking for your ideas as to what traps. Currently I have pit traps (spikes and lava). What other sorts of traps can be made?

I know this may peturb you, but not all are usefull for the official mission of adding to the core game. I enjoy the medeval style more. Please don't say "well just leave then". I use this as a base of technology to make things in. I don't enjoy normal deathmatch and never have made such maps. The warpzone feature of this game is one that is not found in others except for old unreal and crystalspace. I find this game useful for that reason alone.