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Xonotic: Trailer - Fisume - 09-25-2011

[Image: xonotic_forum_previewrpxc.png]

[Image: line7r2n.png]

Download [720p] - [Image: nl6ppt.png] XONOTIC.ORG (Netherlands)
Download [720p] - [Image: de2d5j.png] Germany, Frankfurt

[Image: line7r2n.png]

[Image: xonotic-wallpaper2_thutpbi.png] [Image: xonotic-wallpaper3_thuipeu.png] [Image: xonotic-wallpaper4_thufov5.png]

[Image: xonotic-wallpaper5_thuqq1e.png] [Image: comp30-01-48-07_thumbnrpdy.png] [Image: xonotic-wallpaper6_thu5oh9.png]

[Image: xonotic-wallpaper7_thu5pec.png] [Image: xonotic-wallpaper1_thutp4k.png] [Image: xonotic-wallpaper8_thujpgl.png]

[Image: line7r2n.png]

Here's the result of the xonotic trailer project that I've been talking about for a long time now. I'd like to thank Grunt, itsme, kuniuthefrogg, Mr.Bougo, naryl, Samual, Sless, waterlaz & everyone else who helped me out.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Exitium - 09-25-2011

I'm speechless.

Edit: Somebody put this trailer and those promo pictures to the main page. Now. I'm spreading the word of Xonotic right away, because we have awesome trailer.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - nowego4 - 09-25-2011


Excellent mood and camera! and acting! Best trailer yet.

Time to update my wallpaper Smile

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - kuniu the frogg - 09-25-2011

awesome Fisume, awesome

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Mepper - 09-25-2011

Aboslutely awesome!

This needs to be put imediately on the frontpage and just on a lot of forums etc.

Only you should have mentioned in the video that this is entirely free, except from that it's perfect.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - RaptorFX - 09-25-2011

Good work fisume & Co.!
Put it on the mainpage and spread it through the NET. Smile

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Halogene - 09-25-2011

Words fail me. This is really... what I mean is, uhm,...




(09-25-2011, 09:21 AM)Mepper Wrote: Only you should have mentioned in the video that this is entirely free, except from that it's perfect.

No need to, everyone who watches this trailer will be on the Xonotic homepage latest 10 secs after finishing watching it (depending on the speed of the relevant internet connection ofc). There they will be baffled a second time by the fact that it's free and available for almost all platforms!

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - rocknroll237 - 09-25-2011

Awesome trailer! The only negative thing I have to say is that it doesn't give people the facts (for example, how many official game modes there are). This is only a very minor niggle, though, because most people will go to the main website and find out more as soon as they've finished watching it.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - [CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] - 09-25-2011


RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Samual - 09-25-2011

Unfortunately, because of the music fisume used, we legally cannot use the trailer officially. (So it cannot be put on Desura page, or embedded on front page of website)

A project like ours cannot simply use copyrighted music like that for a trailer without getting permission for it... Also, the artist in question (http://www.brandxmusic.net) is supposedly expensive to license... so we're basically screwed regarding this. The only way to fix this is to change the music track for the entire video...

It's a very nice trailer, but useless officially.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Squigger - 09-25-2011

Would it be easy to change the song then so that we can put the trailer on our website, or would it not be worth the effort?

Also, could we at least post the trailer on the facebook page, or would that still be technically illegal?

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Mepper - 09-25-2011

We have got loads of good music makers here. So it shouldn't be such a big problem.

I'm sure you can just put other music in it.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Samual - 09-25-2011

Yes, the solution would be this:

Can someone make a new free track which matches this video perfectly? Big Grin

That is a challenge to the music artists out there... Wink

Then fisume can just swap that track with the one made by community (which is free to use/free of copyright) as long as it matches the video. So, plot out the song exactly like the video and it should be good to go.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - naryl - 09-25-2011

Our best bet is probably to ask one of the Xonotic music makers to write a track specifically for this video.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Fisume - 09-25-2011

Thanks for the nice feedback guys! I didn't really want to make this the official trailer, but if someone provides me a free tack as Samual suggested, I'll of course re-render the trailer with the new soundtrack so you guys can use it as official trailer.

I added now also 2 download links, thx to Unknown and merlijn for uploading!


RE: Xonotic: Trailer - [CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] - 09-25-2011

Maybe you can add some vehicle action then.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Squigger - 09-25-2011

(09-25-2011, 02:49 PM)[CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] Wrote: Maybe you can add some vehicle action then.


RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Exitium - 09-25-2011

(09-25-2011, 02:49 PM)[CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] Wrote: Maybe you can add some vehicle action then.

Ye, just a quick vehicle clip would be nice (less than 1 sec is enough).

I think that font on 0:33 should be bigger and last longer. With these fixes and new soundtrack, v2 could be more awesome and this trailer would find it's way to main page.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Feonica - 09-25-2011

Nice trailer. I'll put it as my main video in youtube. Don't know if that'll help or not.

I have some spare time in 3 weeks so if no one has hit out at some websites by that time, I'll do it then.

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - unfa - 09-26-2011

Yay! Really nice job! It doesn't look like a free game!

I just wonder if the music was licensed under CC? Wink

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Halogene - 09-26-2011

no it wasn't, read up :o)

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Rage_ATWM - 09-26-2011

oh... I come after the battle.
As many others said, very high quality piece of video, really.

For the impact of the video to be even greater, i would only keep the first minute, which is absolutly stunning.

Edit: oh, and too many BOTs have been publically killed in your video. Intolerable.

Edit2: where the beat starting at 0'25 is extracting from btw?

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Fisume - 09-27-2011

Hollywood we're coming Tongue

[Image: 222zd0n.png]

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Wh1sper - 09-28-2011

Should I include the trailer in my (German) article?
Or are there some issues about music copyright?
shall I wait 'til this is cleared?

RE: Xonotic: Trailer - Halogene - 09-28-2011

Fisume: how about you try to ask the people that made the song if they could license it for the Xonotic trailer? I mean, this is a non-commercial thing, we don't make profit from using it so maybe they would be cool with it. And maybe someone of them even likes to support OSS software :o) Putting their name in the trailer would of course be a must, but I think that's an easy thing to do.