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weapon models - theShadow - 04-02-2010

I am going to take a stab at making a weapon set, for (hopefully) every weapon. I can't make any guarantees, and it will take awhile, but I am making progress.

fist of all, the nex (whatever they decide to call it)
[Image: nexfinalish.jpg?t=1270338331]
I might make some changes here to differentiate it from the MG

and the possible camping rifle replacement
[Image: assaultrifle5-1.jpg?t=1270230184]

machine gun
[Image: machinegunwip2.jpg?t=1270303240]

this is where I will post my progress.


RE: weapons - Kasofa - 04-02-2010

Those look very nice. Also; Hi!


RE: weapons - theShadow - 04-02-2010

lol thanks. and hi

so I have heard several times that xonotic will have several factions. would it be reasonable to assume that different weapons would be from different factions? (in style, as well)

RE: weapons - rainerzufalldererste - 04-02-2010

good models!!!

RE: weapons - Lee_Stricklin - 04-02-2010

(04-02-2010, 02:00 PM)theShadow Wrote: lol thanks. and hi

so I have heard several times that xonotic will have several factions. would it be reasonable to assume that different weapons would be from different factions? (in style, as well)

From what I've read on here ALL of the factions will use the same weapons. Whether or not the weapons look the same, I don't know, but I assume that they would use identical models. It would be pretty cool if each factions weapons sets did look different though.

RE: weapon models - theShadow - 04-03-2010

ok, vote off time. I have to nex concepts. which is better? (whichever one is decided, i will then go and refine it a little more. what we are mostly looking at now is the barrel. )

[Image: voteofftime.jpg?t=1270305916]

RE: weapon models - DiaboliK - 04-03-2010

Yoda, that was exactly what i wanted to see. I really love the first one. Maybe the second one could be used for the minstanex or vice versa. Or if the factions idea is approved it could be separate

RE: weapon models - Lee_Stricklin - 04-03-2010

Yoda shows us awesome! They both look equally cool, but the top one looks meaner and would probably best be used as a minsta nex while the second one looks like it would be best used as a nex.

RE: weapon models - Roanoke - 04-03-2010

I vote top for standard nex, bottom for minsta.
If modelers make enough models, we can have per faction models, but let's get tolerable models first.

RE: weapon models - theShadow - 04-03-2010

updated the nex model at the top Wink

RE: weapon models - jngdwe - 04-03-2010

I vote top. It looks like it would require some sort of system of supports to hold the two parts of the barrel together though.

RE: weapon models - theShadow - 04-03-2010

or maybe just magic. technological magic.

RE: weapon models - nifrek - 04-03-2010

I vote for top one too. It looks really good from that view, but I'm wondering what's it going to look like in player pov? Have to keep that in mind, because most details seem to be on the sides of the gun, you should think about making it interesting on the top too. Anyway, good job so far, sir.

RE: weapon models - Sepelio - 04-04-2010

I vote for the top nex. It looks like what its supposed to. The second one looks too conventional.

RE: weapon models - theShadow - 04-04-2010

ok. I updated the first post with the new nex model.

RE: weapon models - Roanoke - 04-04-2010

It looks like the stock is oddly shaped, though.

RE: weapon models - theShadow - 04-04-2010

you're right. i fill fix that, along with the rifle stock.

RE: weapon models - theShadow - 04-05-2010

early wip shotgun.
[Image: shotgun.jpg?t=1270508564]

RE: weapon models - Lee_Stricklin - 04-06-2010

NICE! Though I think it would look more like a shotgun with a shorter barrel length and a drum magazine.

RE: weapon models - Spyroviper - 04-06-2010

Very nice models! Very nice indeed!

RE: weapon models - Kasofa - 04-15-2010

I just realized that the MG you posted looks exactly like the rifle/mg from Tremulous.


RE: weapon models - vbraun - 04-15-2010

For the nex model, what if the entire barrel of the gun was rotated 90 degrees so that from the player perspective you can still see the split down the middle? This would make it have a very distinctive look, but it also might look really silly. Just an idea.

RE: weapon models - theShadow - 04-16-2010

sorry for the delay, I've been kinda busy for the last 3 days.

anyway, rocket launcher!
[Image: RLwip1.jpg?t=1271438254]

RE: weapon models - DiaboliK - 04-16-2010

+1. thats looking really good.

RE: weapon models - Roanoke - 04-16-2010

Good direction, but a few things to mention.
I would make the muzzle have a larger diameter.
I would also remove the laser sight. It's strange when it stops abruptly and doesn't work for aiming. Rockets are also curvy.