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Welcome to Xonotic! - Dokujisan - 03-21-2010

We would like to formally announce the arrival of Xonotic - A free (GPL), fast-paced first-person shooter that works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Xonotic is a direct successor of the Nexuiz Project.

Xonotic came about in the wake of recent troublesome changes to the Nexuiz project, changes that have left many of the core contributors and community members feeling that the project has been mishandled. As a result, we felt the need to organize a departure to start with a clean slate.

Xonotic will place focus on the things we love about Nexuiz, and extend our goals to become the game that many thought Nexuiz should have been.

While technically being a direct successor of Nexuiz, the Xonotic project is a rethink of the Nexuiz project that recognizes the community around it as its principal driving force and will restructure itself to respect that. This means that there will never be a single person with total control over the project. In addition to the stronger focus on the community, Xonotic will also pursue a clearer agenda including the following:

Game Changes:
  • A new set of player models and animations
  • A new set of sounds
  • New music
  • Default maps will get a makeover
  • New stronger bot AI
  • New names for weapons and gamemodes (especially ones using the "nex" prefix)
  • Low quality content will be dropped and replaced with higher quality ones
Project Changes:
  • Use of GIT versioning system instead of SVN
  • Better attention to marketing and public relations
  • A more defined artistic direction
  • More emphasis on recruiting
  • Better organization of contributors
  • More focus on community activities (tournaments, contests, etc)
  • More frequent releases
  • Global player stats tracking system, supporting anonymous player as well
While we don't have a specific timeline for the first release under the new title, you can track the progress and updates on our website, on twitter , facebook and in IRC: #xonotic on irc.quakenet.org

Please visit our FAQ page for more detailed information about this project.

We look forward to creating a game that everyone can feel a part of. You are very much welcome to help in any way you can. We appreciate all of your support.

The Xonotic team.

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - zombie - 03-22-2010

Big up xonotic and all who took this initiative! Site, logo, and ideas are all pretty kickass. Looking forward to great things. Nexuiz is dead, long live Xonotic!

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Halogene - 03-22-2010

Very cool. We forked! Does anyone care to post about this in the alienTRAP forum? Because I bet this would be very interesting for many people to know.

*double thumbs up*

I am really excited and I like the name, too.

Good job everyone! I hope most of the community will join Xonotic too.

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - PinkRobot - 03-22-2010

Thanks to all the people who have been working hard on this over the last few weeks, I look forward to a great future for Xonotic!

PS, let's tell everyone except the trolls!

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Halogene - 03-22-2010

Oh yes, thank you for all the work you have already put into forking. I am very happy to see who is participating in this project.

I put a link to this project onto the alienTRAP forums: http://alienTRAP.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6114

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Karl Ranseier - 03-22-2010

I took the liberty of starting a Wikipedia article. Of course it has yet to be fleshed out more - it's just a start.

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - parasti - 03-22-2010

Speedy deleted in 3... 2... 1...

Good job, guys. This needed to happen, even if only to break the ties with alienTRAP.

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Sepelio - 03-22-2010

Agreed parasti.

Its good to be here. Once you guys have everything up and going I'll port over some of my better maps.

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Aleator - 03-22-2010

I'm really glad you guys did the fork.

I'm on board.

P.S.: Love the Xonotic logo!

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - ImpulseNine - 03-22-2010

Let this be the start of something great.

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - fabianhjr - 03-22-2010

I am new to development.I really look into joining in my free time.
Good Job so far!

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Silverburn - 03-22-2010

The link to the "mishandled" discussion ain't working because the & is transformed into the correspondings HTML entity Tongue

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Aleator - 03-22-2010

Article about Xonotic on the Phoronix site: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=ODA4OA

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Silverburn - 03-22-2010

Article on Tweakers.net(dutch): http://tweakers.net/nieuws/66327/

Links by Dokujisan: http://www.nullgaming.com/xonotic/pr/

Upvote all plz.


And won't http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nexuiz need to be updated too?

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - soze - 03-22-2010

well done, lets get this rolling

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Exitium - 03-22-2010

Heya, well done!

I just want to conqraz you guys. I have played Nexuiz, more or less, since 2007 and the news about the IllFonic's Nexuiz was IMO a complete assrape. That's why I want to support you guys. Smile Unfortunately I cannot help developing this game, because I just don't have skill to do anything useful (I'm not a programmer, artist etc.). Tongue But I'm eager to test and play this and I'm looking forward the first release!

Thumbs up.

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Halogene - 03-22-2010

May I remind all of those who moved to Xonotic that we have this community statement which would be more impressive if we had more signatures re-validated by forum signature? If you can agree to what is written there (and the fact that you are here indicates just that) it would be great if you signed it there. Thanks!


RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - yossarianuk - 03-22-2010

Really glad about the News guys !

The way I see it was that the previous deal was that you guys do all the work then some company steals it without contributing back... I still am not understanding how the GPL hasn't prevented this or was the darkplaces engine not GPL?

If the sourcecode going to be a released on a git/svn server pre release ?

Nexuiz is (was) one of the game I fire up to show people that Linux open source gaming doesn't need to be ugly.

(still also can't believe that your name got whored off too)

May the Fork be with you !

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Karl Ranseier - 03-22-2010

The news about the fork now made it to Slashdot as well: http://games.slashdot.org/story/10/03/22/1859212/Nexuiz-Founder-Licenses-It-For-Non-GPL-Use?

Can this new site withstand a slashdotting? I guess we'll find out soon.

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Agamalama - 03-22-2010

yay for xonotic.

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Astroman Pete - 03-22-2010

Hail! Son of Nexuiz!

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - liolak - 03-22-2010

GG Big Grin

Im very happy about these news and wish good luck to every one part of this new Xonotic

hope to play you all in it very soon

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - mand1nga - 03-22-2010

(03-22-2010, 07:20 PM)Astroman Pete Wrote: Hail! Son of Nexuiz!

It's more like the evil twin Tongue

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - Vael - 03-23-2010

Howdy guys. Glad to be here. Nex was fun. Nex was real. Nex wasn't real fun.

Xonotic will be. Smile

RE: Welcome to Xonotic! - AnnKittyKat - 03-23-2010

yayyyyy xonotic xonotic xonotic xonotic rules!
I like the little stars near the names.
I'm not a newbie!! *jealous of dorku's 7 stars* >=[
I loce xonotic.