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[CTF]Skycastle - Cortez666 - 10-15-2011

[Image: 2zqmjnm9l136jc2b5fh_thumb.jpg]

first version of a release. the are something things. one reason why i properly wont continue to work on that map is, that there serveral things im unable to fix.

download: http://ompldr.org/vYXRoeQ/skycastle.pk3

RE: [CTF]Skycastle - lda17h - 10-15-2011

Just tried it Big Grin Seems just as much fun as the old version with better optics Big Grin

RE: [CTF]Skycastle - nowego4 - 10-15-2011

The skybox seems to have some issues, mainly it doesn't cast light on the map (sun needs to be specified in shader) and also it needs to be noimpact. Try copying one of the orange skybox shaders out of official for a start.

As to the map... well it's a pretty stiff remake. Remember that maps shrink because of physics... but I totally understand not wanting to work on it anymore. I have a few like that Smile