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[CTF]RecrateMini - Morphed - 10-18-2011

I made a quick map, to try some layout ideas without a need to actually make a serious map. It doesnt have any items placed so it will work only with overkill or minsta mutator. If you like this map and want to litter items all over the place, please, be my guest, map is on git in morphed/recratemini branch, just dont place mega health because this would change balance in overkill or minsta.

[Image: aykq8wndd6r3en3l5q6m_thumb.jpg]

[Image: y27fuyuwu7prawkf8_thumb.jpg]

[Image: jhobb03x67o61luocq0o_thumb.jpg]

[Image: m2ft6xtdv64rxdodtsd_thumb.jpg]

[Image: 68edb76fa88a4h7mim8_thumb.jpg]

here is download link
enjoy Smile

RE: [CTF]RecrateMini - [CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] - 10-18-2011

Looks very interesting. Also I like the skybox which maybe fits better to my map than the others I tried.

I will test it soon.

RE: [CTF]RecrateMini - N1mbus - 10-18-2011

I played an overkill ctf match and spectated some, and the gameplay is really nice because of many different routes you can choose. A version with items for normal ctf would be very cool Smile

RE: [CTF]RecrateMini - Lord Canistra - 10-18-2011

>Post: #3
This. Although some high-standing crates begin to really annoy you during fast movement.

RE: [CTF]RecrateMini - nowego4 - 10-19-2011

N1mbus Wrote:A version with items for normal ctf would be very cool Smile
If I can find the time, I'll see what I can do.

RE: [CTF]RecrateMini - Morphed - 10-19-2011

(10-18-2011, 11:50 PM)Lord Canistra Wrote: Although some high-standing crates begin to really annoy you during fast movement.

I placed crates on this map to make movement and aiming challenging. But specially for you and ppl with same "taste" I made map that will let you move fast without any problems http://www.morphed.planetnexuiz.com/lordcanistra.pk3

RE: [CTF]RecrateMini - Wytry - 02-21-2012

I love this map, it's one of my favourites. Especially those crates. Running fast beetwen them is real fun!
I would only suggest adding few safe corners, where flag carrier could hide.

RE: [CTF]RecrateMini - hutty - 02-21-2012

how it this not a serious map (i know this post is old ... but you got bumped up ... so now you fall victim to my evaluation)

I tested with bots ... ctf ... minsta + grapple

-------------hutty's score sheet-----------
+1 Graphics - you used textures that matched well (without falling into the "everything must be trak5 trap") also .... for a crate map... it is quite detailed.
+.5 Gameplay - open fast intense xonotic like ... unfortunatly it does need the dm weapon places to get a full point
+ 1 Gamemode - optimized for minsta and overkill
+1 SP Compatible - you added way points ! good job
+0 Environment - nothing beyond the outer wall....
+1 for the unexplainable awesomeness of this map (might be the nice layout)

Total 4.5/5

... oh yeah ... thats an A


final notes .... pleas pleas please please please remake the nexuiz fighterbay (i hope thats what it was called) map in this style ... that map (as far as i know) has not been ported yet ... and this style would fit so perfectly