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Race/XPM movie. Demo's wanted. - kojn^ - 11-04-2011

Hi all.

I intend on making a new creation after the success and positive feedback from my last video.

Will be seeking demo's from the race servers, the goal is to have a collection of quick runs on nice maps combined with a nice (not overused) soundtrack and terrific video quality.

If you have any (or know of anyone who has) very quick runs on good looking maps then can you either message me on IRC, or send me a PM here or write in the thread with a link to your files, and let me know the record of the run that your submitting..this is so that I know what time to look for in the demo.

I'm after a variety of colourful and wonderful maps, non-weapon and weapon runs, simple and complex. I would prefer if the runs are done with XPM physics rather then default (0.5 physics).

I would prefer the maps not to be over-used ones (like pornstar maps, as there virtually in every movie these days). Be creative!

You can use demo's from online or offline.

Also I would prefer not to have maps which are very broken in Xonotic (some of the defrag maps in Xonotic are broken).

This will be a much more simpler video for me to complete, so hopefully once I get started editing it won't take too long, especially if the content is gathered quickly.

Can't promise everyone's run's will make it into it and probably won't, as looking for run's that are very quick, or technically well done as I want the content to be of a high quality.

Show me what you got Smile

RE: Race/XPM movie. Demo's wanted. - Mirio - 11-04-2011

Needs line28! Tongue

RE: Race/XPM movie. Demo's wanted. - Justin - 11-05-2011

I have already written you this link on IRC but I also want to post it here so everybody can see it and use it.
I will send you more runs later, hope you're doing very well with your movie.

RE: Race/XPM movie. Demo's wanted. - Cortez666 - 11-17-2011

do you still need demos?

RE: Race/XPM movie. Demo's wanted. - kojn^ - 11-18-2011

Yes I do Smile