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Stormkeep race - God Skopos - 11-10-2011

How does one possibly beat it? I love this game and keep coming back to it, but seriously 2 weeks now can't beat this thing. I watched a you-tube video today showing how to beat it, it seems like he had extra keys. My computer doesn't have up or down keys above the arrow buttons. Since I don't have those keys, are they automatically programmed to another key? Are those speed up and slow down keys? K thanks.

RE: Stormkeep race - Mepper - 11-11-2011

Those are spacebar and shift.

RE: Stormkeep race - CuBe0wL - 11-11-2011

Or rather to be more precise, the buttons you've bound JUMP (move up) and crouch (move down) Wink

RE: Stormkeep race - PinkRobot - 11-11-2011

So in a sense you are right, they are speed up and slow down keys Wink

Do we have a server where these type of race maps can be practiced? I would enjoy watching you race and help you get faster but it needs to be online somewhere of course.