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[DM] Geodesic - Nodenum - 11-13-2011

This is an experimental fun map generated with experimental C++ code entirely.

It is a single big geodesic sphere filled with jump pads and some weapons.
Oh, yes:
- Don't play it with 20 bots in a crylink match, won't you!? Wink
- Yes, I know the wall texture sucks

The map can be found here:

RE: [DM] Geodesic - unfa - 11-13-2011

Looks truerly sick Big Grin Gotta try in Big Grin

RE: [DM] Geodesic - divVerent - 11-13-2011

Haha, now we no longer need sierpinski.

RE: [DM] Geodesic - rainerzufalldererste - 11-13-2011

yaaaaay!!!!!!! pure fun!!! Smile