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FOTM November VOTING - Cortez666 - 12-05-2011





kuniu the frogg



Poll is open for 2 weeks. Please don't vote for yourself (won't count).

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Maddin - 12-05-2011

Airshot! Airshot! Airshot! Airshot! Big Grin Awesome Mirio!

RE: FOTM November VOTING - kuniu the frogg - 12-05-2011

yup, Mirio has my vote too

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Justin - 12-05-2011

Kuniu should win this competition. Im trying to find one rational reason why he's got so few votes.
I will vote for Mirio next time, after he changes his playing style (sorry, Mirio!) which is currently awful.

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Maddin - 12-05-2011

Don´t want to derail this thread but why is Mirio´s playing-style awful? Confused Everybody is different, that can´t be changed.

RE: FOTM November VOTING - asyyy - 12-05-2011

I think this is about voting the best frag, not the player you like most Smile

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Justin - 12-06-2011

Yes, I know. Thats why its important to take into consideration the WAY how the frag was done. Pointless switching from one weapon to another after one shot is very frustrating for me personally. Where's the tactics? Weapons should be choosen for the job. NOT each one changed after single shot (as a rule?)! What kind of rule it is?! It seems for me to be done without thinking. And I like "thinking" frags and lucky ones (as Kuniu's).
Apart from that Kuniu's friend of mine, I just simply like the double nex kill he made. Easy!

RE: FOTM November VOTING - PCLizard - 12-06-2011

You must think my style is god awful then, Justin.

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Halogene - 12-06-2011

In a fast paced arcade style kind of game like Xonotic I personally have troubles implementing a playing style that allows for every move thought out wisely in an angband sort of way. Due to limited intellectual capacities I need to rely on instinct-driven flick shots and belly-feeled item timing :o/ still, I like some of the frags I occasionally make, though I tend to be more successful as fotm victim than fragger :oP

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Justin - 12-06-2011

(12-06-2011, 10:13 AM)Halogene Wrote: Due to limited intellectual capacities I need to rely on instinct-driven flick shots and belly-feeled item timing :o/
Omg! What's this bullshit!? Confused"limited intellectual capacities"?!Dodgy c'mon...
I know what the problem is!!
I' ve watched too many quake pro duel matches to let Xonotic ones fullfil me! The truth is that Xonotic can't live up to me after all! Thats so sad!Sad
I'm just simply expecting too much, I'm so sorry... Sleepy
PC Lizard: I belive I would like your playing style!Rolleyes

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Mepper - 12-06-2011

I will ALWAYS try to make nice frags. If there is just a little chance to do something awesome, I'll try it, no matter if I don't succeed.

And I will try to upload some awesome fragging made this month.

Big Grin

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Halogene - 12-06-2011

(12-06-2011, 01:56 PM)Justin Wrote: Omg! What's this bullshit!?

What I meant was that my brain is busy
  • wondering how the heck my opponent managed to get me from THAT side again
  • deciding whether to pick up that yummy mega or if it's just another trap set up by my opponent
  • reading chat messages
  • admiring the beautiful maps
  • watching out that the cable of my mouse doesn't get entangled with breakable stuff on my desk such as wine glasses
so I REALLY don't manage to ponder about whether I should blow up my opponent with the mortar or the electro. I tend to believe that the decision which weapon to use often is made without support of the cerebrum, and rather follows instinct/reflex than thought.

This of course is a personal observation (another thing my brain was busy with while playing lately), so it might not apply to other players.

Oh, and BTW what is this "quake" people keep writing about? Big Grin

To bring the thread sort of back to topic (o-topic necromancy ftw), I voted for Mirio, too, since I like airshots and also I look fabulous in that movie (don't I).

Also, C.Brutail's frag was very nice, but this month we have a 4 airshot in a row frag... :o/

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Mirio - 12-14-2011

I guess I win! Big Grin
2nd time after 4 years wooooo.

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Halogene - 12-14-2011

OMG I'm second with Mario!

First time I'm ever participating I think, what a splendid start. Thanks to you two that gave me your vote.

Lol second with two votes...

RE: FOTM November VOTING - Cortez666 - 12-18-2011

The winner is Mirio with 9 votes!