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map lights - rainerzufalldererste - 12-14-2011

I tried to map everything worked well, untill i duplicated the base...
someone knows what I have done wrong?

RE: map lights - PinkRobot - 12-14-2011

If someone can make out anything on that screenshot I will send them a Xmas card this year.

Please explain what it is we should or should not be seeing in a little more detail. Heck, you might even try to explain the problem :p

RE: map lights - rocknroll237 - 12-15-2011

Does this help?


Btw, I see a brick wall! Big Grin

RE: map lights - rainerzufalldererste - 12-16-2011

i found my fault... i duplicated anything again... (seems like that) and so most lights don't work and textures are not displayed (most of them)