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killcam - dcore - 12-14-2011

would be nice to see this added

RE: killcam - Spaceman - 12-15-2011

What is a 'killcam"?

RE: killcam - CuBe0wL - 12-15-2011

Hello there!
Imho Xonotic is too fast in gameplay for a killcam of sort, because when you're dead, every second you waste on watching how you got killed are crucial in item timing. Also, I highly doubt any of our developers have the time right now to code that feature.

RE: killcam - Lee_Stricklin - 12-15-2011

lol killcam, that's only useful for stopping campers in casual games like the overwhelming majority of that Call of Duty shovelware.

RE: killcam - D_W - 12-18-2011

Yeah, I doubt the more serious competitive players would really care for that at all. Though I could see the more casual players really appreciating it. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing a replay of particularly awesome deaths I've gone through. It might be a nice thing to add once there is a larger community and a full release, but it's not terribly important.