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Rcon2IRC [Windows] - Mario - 01-04-2012

Hi again,

After some testing, i finally got Rcon2IRC working on Windows:

- System Requirements

Strawberry Perl: http://strawberryperl.com/
Digest-MD4: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30835385/MD4.zip

- Rcon2IRC Setup

Install Strawberry Perl (from above link)

Extract the 2 files from MD4.zip to C:\strawberry\perl\site\lib\Digest

Add this alias to your Xonotic server.cfg:
alias rcon2irc_eval "$*"log_dest_udpsv_logscores_console 0sv_logscores_bots 1sv_eventlog 1sv_eventlog_console 1alias rcon2irc_say_as "set say_as_restorenick \"$sv_adminnick\"; sv_adminnick \"$1^3\"; say \"^7$2\"; rcon2irc_say_as_restore"alias rcon2irc_say_as_restore "set sv_adminnick \"$say_as_restorenick\""alias rcon2irc_quit "echo \"quitting rcon2irc $1: log_dest_udp is $log_dest_udp\""

Navigate to Xonotic/server/rcon2irc, then make a copy of rcon2irc-example.conf. Name the copy rcon2irc.conf. Now open rcon2irc.conf in a text editor, and change the first 7 settings to match your server and the IRC network and channel you want the Rcon2IRC bot to connect to. Give the bot a good name too! The rest of the config doesnt matter for now. If the server is running on your computer, you can use or localhost as the dp_server.

Open a command prompt (Win+R > cmd), cd into the Rcon2IRC directory (e.g. cd C:\rcon2irc), and type this: "perl rcon2irc.pl rcon2irc.conf" without quotes. If it fails to start, scroll down to Common Errors.

- Common Errors

- If you get "dp << sv_cmd bansstatus 1log_dest_udprcon2irc_eval set dummy 1" repeated, open rcon2irc.conf & uncomment dp_secure 0 (remove the # from the front of the command), & type these commands in your Xonotic server console: "rcon_secure 0; rcon_password password" without quotes, make sure "password" matches dp_password in rcon2irc.conf. Now, run "perl rcon2irc.pl rcon2irc.conf" in Command Prompt again and see if you get the same problem. If this does not fix the issue, make sure you're not G-Lined (banned) from the IRC server.

- If you restart Rcon2IRC while your Xonotic server is running, type this in the Xonotic server console: rcon2irc_eval. This will fix a few problems, including "<set> dummy" spam.

- Optional things to change in rcon2irc.conf:

- You can announce when someone joins or leaves your server, uncomment the "plugins =" line and add "joinsparts.pl". The line should look like this when you are done: "plugins = joinsparts.pl" Seperate plugins with a space, e.g. "plugins = raw.pl joinsparts.pl"

- You can announce map changes and free slots on IRC by uncommenting #irc_announce_mapchange = always and #irc_announce_slotsfree = 1 respectively.

- If you're getting "ctf_runningmanctf has begun (9 free slots); join now: nexuiz +connect localhost:26000" whenever there is a new map change and want to show the real IP to connect to, uncomment dp_server_from_wan = and add the WAN IP to connect to, so it looks like this: "dp_server_from_wan = your.WAN.ip.here" You can find out what your WAN IP address is at: http://www.whatismyip.com/

- Using this custom rcon2irc.pl, you can remove the need to highlight the IRC bot's name to chat to the server from IRC: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30834094/rcon2irc.pl

- If you use an IRC bouncer, you can use this custom rcon2irc.pl to define the IRC password: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30835385/rcon2irc.pl
Add "irc_password = password" (without quotes) to your rcon2irc.conf.

- You can also control your Xonotic from IRC, by uncommenting the "plugins =" line and adding "raw.pl" (e.g. "plugins = raw.pl" - Seperate plugins with a space, e.g. "plugins = raw.pl joinsparts.pl") in rcon2irc.conf, then uncomment "irc_admin_password =" & add a desired password (e.g. "irc_admin_password = R2C0N"). Next, type this in your IRC client: "/query botname" (change "botname" to your Rcon2IRC bot's IRC nick), then type "login password" ("password" being the irc_admin_password you specified in rcon2irc.conf). IRC admin control works similar to Rcon in Xonotic, except instead of "rcon", you use "raw dp" (e.g. "raw dp timelimit inf").

Thanks for reading, & I hope this guide helps those with Rcon2IRC questions/problems,

RE: Rcon2IRC [Windows] - Sless - 01-10-2012

Mario, if that'll work - you're THE HERONESS!!!

Trying to get rcon2irc to work for a felt aeon now.
I'll try this in the next days.

AND a great ' YAY ' to your with-quotes and without-quotes mentionings.