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question about maps - frostwyrm333 - 01-25-2012

Why are only the maps located in game directory visible in the create game window? They are displayed only if you copy them from the folder with downloaded maps.

Also, the dlcache folder is incredible mess. 3-4 copies of every map, more than 1 GB of data.

RE: question about maps - kuniu the frogg - 01-25-2012

well, in my opinion it's better to have a mess in dlcache instead of having a mess in create game window Wink so you can choose which maps to have "visible" in game.

(you can also move, not copy, maps from /dlcache to /data to save some free space Cool )

This mess with 3-4 copies of the same map may be caused because maps get updated and you may have to download them everytime admins update maplist on their servers with new versions of those maps.

RE: question about maps - frostwyrm333 - 01-25-2012

I remember that when I first discoverd my nexuiz dlcache, it was over 2GB. Ok, Ill manage it myself. There should be something other than hashtag to identify version.

RE: question about maps - Mr. Bougo - 01-25-2012

You can sort them by creation date, that will likely show you when each package was downloaded.

Downloaded content is always put in dlcache. That is for security reasons. You don't want to download a pk3 with unexpected files in your main data directory. See, if it were like that I could send you a zzz_quake.pk3 with all the appropriate files and suddenly the next time you start xonotic you'll be playing Quake.

It's up to you to manage the dlcache, maybe you want to keep all maps so that demos work fine, or maybe you want to clean it up every once in a while... It depends on the user so it shouldn't be automated.

Also, there's no need to copy files from dlcache. Moving them or linking them (in *nix) is all you need.

RE: question about maps - Mirio - 01-25-2012

I suggest (like mentioned before) to delete older version, because more likely only outdated server have them and if you need it you'll download it again anyway.
I don't recommnend to put all files in ~\data, because some pk3's might break your game.

RE: question about maps - Mr. Bougo - 01-25-2012

I keep everything because it's hard to find old versions, and demos depend on specific versions.