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[DM/CTF/KH....] Cube-arena - forseti - 02-01-2012

Very small map for testing and for 1vs1 matches.

I took the idea from a map called torus.
Its simple, its small, its... a fun map Angel

Try it with low gravity and 5 bots!!! Tongue

[Image: 2z9jhu8_th.jpg]


RE: [DM/CTF/KH....] Cube-arena - Griff - 03-21-2012

Very fast paced with great weapons placement and no hiding places. This is one of my favorite maps for DM and I am Very good on it, I even have a few gameplay Videos featuring it.

Good Job on this one.

RE: [DM/CTF/KH....] Cube-arena - CuBe0wL - 03-21-2012

This map is sooo hectic with 8 players on it, the purest carnage you can ever imagine Big Grin
I love it (once in a while Big Grin )

RE: [DM/CTF/KH....] Cube-arena - Justin - 03-21-2012

I 'd rather you improoved this map, please. Looks pretty unsatisfying (even with ultra settingso on) to be honest. Divesify it!