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[Bug]Armor shard oddly displayed - rafallus - 02-11-2012

Screen says it all. Happens rarely (had it happen once before on 0.5, now I'm on autobuild). System is desktop-c2d from Big Benchmark listing.

Only 5 AP piecies cause the problem (all of them), 25 and 100 ones work fine in the same run, have not seen 50 one.

RE: [Bug]Armor shard oddly displayed - Lee_Stricklin - 02-11-2012

That's most likely a videocard problem on your end actually. That stuff tends to happen if you overheat the GPU. Happened to me quite a bit in Nexuiz and other games when I had an AGP ATI HD2600 (a real piece of shit btw) and quite a few times when I had one of Nvidia's housefire drivers installed on my current card.

RE: [Bug]Armor shard oddly displayed - divVerent - 02-12-2012

Two things to try:

1. upgrade driver?
2. run engine with +vid_dx9 1 to use DirectX instead of OpenGL

RE: [Bug]Armor shard oddly displayed - rocknroll237 - 02-12-2012

Divverent, does performance increase when using DirectX9?

RE: [Bug]Armor shard oddly displayed - Mr. Bougo - 02-12-2012

I don't know, does it?

RE: [Bug]Armor shard oddly displayed - rafallus - 02-12-2012

I've given DX a go. Shockingly, anti-aliasing seems to not work in DX mode. Double checked, and it was turned on, but there were still awful jaggies on edges. Return to OpenGL enabled it without a hitch.

As for problem itself, it happens so rarely (twice in about month's time) that it will be hard to say definitely if it disappeared.

RE: [Bug]Armor shard oddly displayed - rocknroll237 - 02-12-2012

Did you notice any noticeable performance changes?
(I would try it myself, but the last time I used DirectX, Xonotic got buggered up).

RE: [Bug]Armor shard oddly displayed - rafallus - 02-12-2012

Not really, but I guess YMMV.