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how to benchmark xonotic? - adem - 02-21-2012

as title says.

in other quake-like games i usually use "timedemo" cmd. but in xonotic i can't get how it works. can somebody explain how to use "timedemo"? or mb there is another way to benchmark?

RE: how to benchmark xonotic? - Sless - 02-21-2012

Hoi ho.

I have to admit: Please use the search function, or have a look at other posts first. The Benchmark testing thread is highlighted as "Last Post" under Development.

The-Big-Benchmark Link = http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=2562&pid=34151#pid34151

RE: how to benchmark xonotic? - edh - 02-21-2012

A simple timedemo can be done with the console with:
timedemo demos/the-big-keybench.dem

You can also find this through the menu. Go to Multiplayer > Demos, select a demo from the list and hit the 'Timedemo' button.

the-big-keybench.dem is what is used for the Big Benchmark script only with that script it runs it on preset settings for comparison. It make take hours to run this fully on older hardware.

RE: how to benchmark xonotic? - adem - 02-22-2012

thanks to everybody for the fast help =)