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Speedmapping Contest - Cortez666 - 02-29-2012

Here is another one.

This time its a short mapping contest.

Here are the rules:
- it's got to be a race, cts or xpm map.
- everyone needs to be able to finish.
- best kind of map would easy to finish but hard to master.
- be creative!

31st March 18:00 Gmt +1/CET

The winning map will be used in next months race challenge.


If you have any questions post them here!

Good luck and have fun!

RE: Speedmapping Contest - PinkRobot - 02-29-2012

Fun. I should be able to submit a short map Smile

RE: Speedmapping Contest - Justin - 02-29-2012

I have one but no checkpoints, what you say, Cortez? Is it ok?

RE: Speedmapping Contest - forseti - 02-29-2012

And the assault contest? Most of the modes have already a good amount of maps but assault. So far there are only 3 finished maps.

Anyway, i'll try to do something for this contest. Good luck everyone.

RE: Speedmapping Contest - Cortez666 - 02-29-2012

(02-29-2012, 12:08 PM)Justin Wrote: I have one but no checkpoints, what you say, Cortez? Is it ok?

thats no problem.

RE: Speedmapping Contest - Justin - 03-01-2012

Here you are;
It short CTS map, made quite fast and Im proud of it. Smile
Difficulty: 4.5-5/10 (there is ladder in the end so everyone can try (beggining requires some climbing, but it isn't difficult)


RE: Speedmapping Contest - monad - 03-30-2012

This thread is too quiet...
I finished a race map.


Some pics:
[Image: 5logidg8j5rgbkwqq30y_thumb.jpg]
[Image: q79c2275223gorfd2m9j_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 46gi2gq8pmioult09_thumb.jpg]

RE: Speedmapping Contest - forseti - 03-31-2012

I've had problems this time trying to understand why with Xonotic 0.6 lights wont work. They look horrible. I dunno if its netradiant's problem or xonotic's or what.

Anyway, i think i'm not sending map this time. Good luck for the rest of the people Smile

RE: Speedmapping Contest - Mr. Bougo - 03-31-2012

Lights, or colors/brightness in general? The colorspace has changed to sRGB. Read this: http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=2534

RE: Speedmapping Contest - Cortez666 - 03-31-2012

[Image: 5yd0ddwh8fcjyon27q_thumb.jpg]

the late entry from Soelen

So there is a total of 3 maps and this leads to the following ranking.

1. monad for departure.
good use of the minimalistic style. Multiple ways to finish the map. Easy to beat hard to master.

2. Soelen for Umbaran
Cool look and a big plus are the mostly self made textures. On the other hand side the gameplay isn't as unique as the style.

3. Justin for Race_level
Well, this map isnt finished. The layout is done and everything is textured. But there are no entites and the map isnt compiled.

Congratulations, monad !

RE: Speedmapping Contest - monad - 04-02-2012

Although is pretty sad to have only 3 maps, I expected more. Sad

RE: Speedmapping Contest - freefang - 04-03-2012

I actually was working on one, but even though the gameplay was decent, the map itself became a horrible mess. :\

RE: Speedmapping Contest - PinkRobot - 04-03-2012

Was working on one too but realized it was crap on the final day of the contest :p