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Xonotic under windows? - Karbofos - 04-10-2010

Can you explain how to build xonotic under windows?

RE: Xonotic under windows? - od@r - 04-14-2010

Yes, you can help the community on any PC platform, all the ideas and issues to the forum in individual category where you can contribute

RE: Xonotic under windows? - mr green - 04-17-2010

way to go and not answer the question

RE: Xonotic under windows? - Joneswilliamsc - 04-23-2010

Well as I hear that Xonotic uses several GIT repositories. There is a helperscript in the main repository to aid in checking out all relevant repositories. For more information you can search on Google as i got lots of information from there.

RE: Xonotic under windows? - ImpulseNine - 04-24-2010

(04-17-2010, 09:56 AM)mr green Wrote: way to go and not answer the question

In Russia, sense makes you.

RE: Xonotic under windows? - Slup - 07-15-2010

you may try these two links Smile

Automated Xonotic Git Build system by Mr. Bougo

How to compile Xonotic in Windows