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Are server mods possible? - oaties - 03-11-2012

Hello! I have been a long time Fortress game player (Quake 3 Fortress, Enemy Territory Fortress, Team Fortress Classic etc), and I have been curious about the modding capabilities in this game.

Basically, I wan't to create a server mod that makes the gameplay of this game closer to Fortress gameplay (and im not talking about TF2, because that IS NOT fortress).

Fortress gameplay is extremely fast paced and skilled, and is team oriented. I feel that this could be the perfect engine for it.

Here is an example of it:


So, is it possible to create server mods in this game? Can they change the gameplay enough to make something like this?

RE: Are server mods possible? - hutty - 03-11-2012

Cant see this in the us
This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

stupid youtube

anyways this game is moddable... I don't know to what extent, but it is. Overkill ... if you've heard of it (there should be a server online for it) is a mod... minsta-nex .... is a mod ...

so it could be possible

RE: Are server mods possible? - Cortez666 - 03-12-2012

(03-11-2012, 09:19 PM)hutty Wrote: Cant see this in the us

its a video of a team fortess mod.

RE: Are server mods possible? - tZork - 03-12-2012

Yes, Xonotic is highly mod-able. both server side (there's a mutator/gamemode system) and client side (client progs, vm code, are sent automatically by server when needed). Sth like TF is likely a large mod, but fully doable.

RE: Are server mods possible? - Cortez666 - 03-12-2012

if you join the irc dont expect answer within a minute