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KDE related issue - simongaiteiro - 03-19-2012

Hi @ll!

First time in the forum. I recently discovered this game. And it's awesome Wink

I have an issue after running Xonotic 0.6 (not the autobuild, just the normal version). I use opensuse 12.1 64 bit with KDE 4.8. After exiting the game some fonts in my desktop are resized, sometimes bigger than I had (a lot bigger) and sometimes smaller (tiny, tiny).

These fonts are the ones used by KDE programs, such as dolphin or the system configuration manager.

Nonetheless, the fonts on the actual desktop (widgets) and other programs (like opera) look fine.

It always occurs wether I initialize Xonotic with desktop effects turned on or not, either in glx or sdl mode.

Any ideas?? Does it occur to you?

RE: KDE related issue - hutty - 03-19-2012

are you running xonotic at the same resolution as your usual desktop (im assuming your full screen)

kde can be a bit touchy about screen resolution changes

RE: KDE related issue - nilyt - 03-19-2012

Hello and welcome.

Can't say i'ver heard of your issue before.
Since you say it occurs in all these configurations, it does sound like an issue
either with your window manager (KDE), X (font) server or video driver or
a combination of these (proprietary drivers not playing well with X server).

Maybe it helps to run in window mode or running the native desktop resolution ingame.

RE: KDE related issue - simongaiteiro - 03-20-2012

It was related with the resolution.

If I set a different resolution for Xonotic than the native from my monitor that happens.

Anyways, my graphic card is not good (AMD HD Mobility 3470) so I cannot play at 60 fps with the native resolution.

I'll play it windowed, therefore.

Thanks everybody!

RE: KDE related issue - edh - 03-20-2012

Does fullscreen at a lower resolution not work OK either? I'm confused if you have to play it windowed to make it work better. That generally can show some sort of driver issue. Are you using the AMD fglrx driver or the opensource driver? If using the open source driver are you running kernel mode setting? Sometimes KMS can cause weird issues like this with slightly broken drivers. I have had some funny issues with a Radeon before. You can try disabling KMS by appending 'nomodeset' to your kernel line in GRUB.

Updating your system might also be worthwhile as it is a few months old now. Perhaps you might consider the Tumbleweed repositories so that you get the latest packages? Open source graphics drivers are fast moving and the latest versions might work better.

RE: KDE related issue - divVerent - 03-20-2012

You also can configure Xonotic to use a higher resolution for 2D, and only a smaller res for 3D stuff.

For that, set the full resolution in video settings, then go to Settings/Misc/Advanced, and change the variable


to 0.5 for half res 3D scene. Does that gain enough fps for you?

RE: KDE related issue - simongaiteiro - 03-20-2012

I'm using the proprietary drivers (Catalyst 12.1). Right now, I'm not sure but I think I had to disable KMS (with 'nomodeset' in grub) in order to get a viewable desktop. My system is up to date.

I'm running Xonotic at a lower resolution than 1280*1024 (that's my native external monitor res), in fullscreen. It doesn't matter what resolution I set it up. Always resizes the fonts except for the native res.

I don't think the open drivers would help with the game overall performance at all. In fact, I had to switch to the proprietary ones to have a decent 3D performance in my applications. Tumbleweed is not just for hybrid graphics???

Actually, the problem with the fonts also occurs with other applications/games, such as 'Cube 2: sauerbraten'.

divVerent, I've tried your advise. It seems a little bit smoother. I can't notice looking to the FPS counter, though.

At 1280*1024 res the game goes quite not smooth. Around 25-40 fps. Also in windowed mode runs worse than in fullscreen. It may be the linux drivers...

RE: KDE related issue - edh - 03-20-2012

If you're using the Catalyst driver then forget about what I was saying about system updates. AMDs Linux support still can be patchy so I think what you have now will be the best you'll get out of that driver. There is now a 12.2 but I doubt there'll be any helpful difference.

What you could do to to test performance is use the-big-benchmark:

Run it normally and you will have problems as by default it uses 1024x768. However, if you append '+vid_width 1280 +vid_height 1024 +r_viewscale 0.5' to the command line when you run it you should get some useful tests of performance at different quality settings. Try different values of r_viewscale and see what difference it makes! I would suggest with your hardware that running higher quality settings will take too long so type 'quit' in the console once the framerate drops unplayably low.