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texture problem - nemNEMnem - 03-28-2012

hi, i just set my radiant up for xonotic, but i got not ONE SINGLE TEXTURE when i unzipped all the .pk3-files under /Xonotic/data.

Is that right or are the textures somewhere else?
ooops Blush

just solved my problem:

i am sorry for this useless post, please close or delete it Rolleyes

mfg nemNEMnem

RE: texture problem - Maddin - 03-28-2012

This question is ask very frequently and I wonder why the main developers donĀ“t do anything for including the textures with NetRadiant. Anyway here you can download the textures:
download Xonotic-latest-mappingsupport.zip

RE: texture problem - hutty - 03-28-2012

..also you don't need to unzip any of the pk3s

RE: texture problem - Mepper - 03-28-2012

Maddin: the reason is that it simply makes the game a lot smaller.

Only very few people want to map. The majority just wants to play, and is happier with a smaller download.

RE: texture problem - Maddin - 03-28-2012

I didnt say that the textures should be included in the actual game package. Anyway, I was wrong, the NetRadiant is also included with the textures in the mapping support package. Smile