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Forumidea / vehicle idea - nemNEMnem - 03-31-2012

i think a automatic-resize-plugin is needed:

[Image: interim10.jpg]


FOA: they are realy, realy, realy awesome, you should make more vehicles Big Grin

So, my ideas:

- A small hoverbike:
[Image: image_medium.jpg]
[Image: blockrendcomp.jpg]

Very fast, an very, very weakly armor and no weapon or just one little machinegun

- A small jetski, same like the hoverbike options, but for water Big Grin

- Boats

- maybe an big tank for 2 person? one who drive and shoot with an machinegun and the other one sits in the back and shoots with an big rocketlauncher?

- some kind of attilery?

- and antiaircraft gun?

i hope you read my ideas and liked some of those Big Grin

SPECIAL (mapping) IDEAS:

-a shaderstage like "novehicles", as a player you can run through it, with a vehicle not

- a shaderstage like "vehiclesonly", the mirror of novehicles, you cant run with a player through it, but not with an vehicle Big Grin

cya, nemNEMnem Big Grin

RE: Forumidea / vehicle idea - tZork - 03-31-2012

i know im not the most correct writer myself, however "you cant run with a player through it, but not" ...you cant not? made me giggle =)

As far as the vehicle ideas go:
The racer already sort of fill the same role as that 'bike' thing. Open (as in you see the driver) vehicles are more or less impossible as it means every player model needs to get re-animated with a driver's pose. It'd also be taxing for performance to display both a high poly vehicle and player model - at the moment one of the slowest things you can do to Xonotic is have many animated high poly models on screen.

Multi-person vehicles requires a rather large coding effort, i somewhat begun this but don't hold your breath for it.

Some sorta water based vehicle could indeed be interesting, but to be honest its unlikely ill have the time and motivation to code that any time soon, this goes more or less for everything vehicle related that's not a pure bug in the existing functionality. Since im more or less alone when it comes to vehicle coding (so far, at least) this means low chances for any major development on this part at the moment.

RE: Forumidea / vehicle idea - Mr. Bougo - 03-31-2012

For auto-resize, that's a (simple?) tweak for the css. I don't want to do that because I don't know how to do it properly. How about asking the users not to mess up the layout? Thank you Tongue

RE: Forumidea / vehicle idea - edh - 03-31-2012

(03-31-2012, 06:28 AM)nemNEMnem Wrote: FORUM:
i think a automatic-resize-plugin is needed:

Works fine for me at 1920x1200.... mwahahahahaha! Buy a bigger screen... </really unhelpful>

Still it isn't good for everyone to be downloading massive screenies all of the time when reading a forum. Telling users not to insert bigger than 640x480, that would help but needs policing. Many forums have that as a rule to avoid breakage but moderators have to then go all bananas on people who break it to have an effect.

RE: Forumidea / vehicle idea - Mr. Bougo - 04-01-2012

A forum plugin can't help then, unless it checks all images whenever they are displayed to the user.

Huge images are not a big problem in this forum anyway, except in the mapping inspiration thread or the screenshot thread.