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Singleplayer, saves, other game types. - top_cat - 03-22-2010

Hi there,

I know you guys will need lots of developers & content designers to pull this off. I think it would be good if Xonotic was able to support lots of game types. For example, some, such as me, like realistic shooters, I.E Far Cry, Crysis, Bioshock etc. There's a lack of these freely available. Of course, it'd be horrible of me to suggest tearing up your current game mode to implement one I want. So I have a suggestion:

Perhaps it would be useful if Xonotic could support multiple game types. For example, If I want to make a map or indeed campaign, I can do so, and have the game type change when I load that map to a realistic setting - realistic movement speed, save points, seamless loading of new map areas, etc. Then if people want to keep the current style of gameplay with their maps they can do so.

I hope you think about my idea, I realise outdoor maps have been discussed but this goes a lot further, and I think having more game styles will attract people from the Crysis and other mappers who would make content for this game.

Thanks for your time,

RE: Singleplayer, saves, other game types. - Sepelio - 03-22-2010

Well there are a wealth of gametypes.

Onslaught and Assault are both very underplayed and little known. Both are excellent candidates for outdoor maps.

RE: Singleplayer, saves, other game types. - ImpulseNine - 03-22-2010

I remember Assault from UT, good stuff. I'd like to see a Team Fortress remake for Xonotic. I think the class system would mesh nicely with the various weapon types.

RE: Singleplayer, saves, other game types. - unfa - 04-10-2010

I think ONS and Assault require some more well made maps and dedicated servers. ONS also requires some tuning. I remember playing ONS in UT2004 - it was the best fun in the whole game. Certianly we don't have vehicles yet in Xonotic, but still ONS and Assoult are a powerful ideas, let's get use of them! Playing only DM and CTF gets boring if overdosed Smile

As for new game types, I just started a thread here about one: