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[Race] dearUmbaran - Soelen - 03-31-2012

[Image: dearUmbaran.jpg]


Sprite based CTS map, made with some shader experience gained a week ago. Based on Umbaran Holographic UI design. Yay to Blender Cycles!

ui design: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/scenes/umbaran-holographic-ui/
music: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/313782
easteregg: does not make much sense

2nd place at speedcontest:


Edit: Updated the file. Please remove your dearUmbaran copy and / or replace it with this version.

RE: [Race] dearUmbaran - Squigger - 03-31-2012

Its a very Nice Space Map. I definitely love the Music, kudos to the Artist, and lolz for the easter egg XD

My only problem with it is that as I race through it a blue ring aura keeps going on around me which is distracting.

Other than that excellent map Big Grin

RE: [Race] dearUmbaran - rocknroll237 - 04-01-2012

I agree with Squigger. I love the map, but the aurora thingy is a little bit annoying. My best time is just over 14 seconds...

RE: [Race] dearUmbaran - Soelen - 04-01-2012

Thanks a lot Squigger and rocknroll237, I do appreciate that ^^

I slowed down the blue ring aura / aurora thingy at 50%. Furthermore I wrote a documentation, pasted more details and released this map under gpl version 3.

Also why do admins edit my very own post? I was not aware of this edit, please reply with a private message next time at least!

RE: [Race] dearUmbaran - hutty - 04-01-2012

This map is AMAZING !

its kinda short and i miss my lazer
but its so bright and happy Big Grin
i like the music
and the graphics
and i like the easter egg too...

oh btw where did you gain this shader experience you said you have? I would like to learn things too

RE: [Race] dearUmbaran - Mr. Bougo - 04-02-2012

Your post was edited? If it's about question marks, that affected every other post in this forum too.

RE: [Race] dearUmbaran - CuBe0wL - 04-02-2012

(04-01-2012, 06:14 PM)Soelen Wrote: Also why do admins edit my very own post? I was not aware of this edit, please reply with a private message next time at least!

Because you f'ed up the link. I just fixed that for ya.

Btw. I like the map too.

RE: [Race] dearUmbaran - Soelen - 04-02-2012

Now I feel like a dick. Sorry C.Brutail, and thanks for repairing the link ^^;

Edit: Bah sorry Hutty I totally missed your post! Christan, qbit helped me a lot to understand how shaders works exactly.

I also was thinking about to start some video tutorials about this topic. Yes I know what some of you are thinking, why video tutorials? There are like 1000 other websites which offers such Stuff! Well I have some problems with those tutorials:
  1. They dont refer to Xonotic (I know quakeengine is quakeengine, but it just confuse a lot newcomers seeing this tutorial is not about Xonotic)
  2. They are not easy and short, yet full documented
  3. Some tutorials linking on topics which dont exist anymore
  4. Some chapters are missing

The idea is just contributing, taking time for the community in some tutorials instead explaining it every single person again and again and I think I have the ability for it... now I just need to stop being a lazy ass!

RE: [Race] dearUmbaran - monad - 04-02-2012

This map is... relaxing.

RE: [Race] dearUmbaran - hutty - 04-02-2012

i actually love video tutorials
blender cookie got them just right

I was actually planning on making some for mapping after my independent study ... but those wouldn't cover shaders