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Sound issues - Tanya (prophets) - 04-02-2012


i'm playing minsta duel, thus i have to listen to all the sounds of the opponent. there's no problem in nexuiz, but those sound issues in xonotic make minsta duel somehow random, so tactical gaming is not possible anymore.

1. spawnpoints! it's totally random! sometimes the respawn sound is located, where the enemy is shot. and sometimes, the respawn sound is located, where the respawn is. that leads to the issue, that the sound is sometimes coming from one side, but the opponent from the other. this is a huge problem. how to fix or change that? and in combination with the second problem, i can't always hear a respawn.

2. look at the red line in the following image (map: q3dm17ish). i can't hear any sounds behind the red line. no shot, no jump or footsteps, no hook, no jumppad. it's okay, if sounds get soft, when they are far away, but having no sounds at all is not cool. i talked about that with 2 other players, but they didn't have that problem - they heard sounds, but very very soft. so maybe it's an issue with my settings? sounds shouldn't be completely muted when being far away.

3. gibs make a sound when falling off the map. is there a way to deactivate it?

thanks in advance,

RE: Sound issues - asyyy - 04-02-2012

I can confirm 1), though I've never seen any of the xonotic-veterans complaining about it so I assumed that it was a "feature".

RE: Sound issues - -maniac|Su- - 04-02-2012

hi folks Big Grin

Point 1. I can confirm
Point 2. I dont have those problems - maybe it.s why I.m always playing duel with headphones Idea
Point 3. It.s really irritating to hear this sounds - at most on space maps - I.m looking for the "fallen opponent" and boom I.m killed TongueUndecided

GreetZ Su

RE: Sound issues - Tanya (prophets) - 04-02-2012

(04-02-2012, 07:39 AM)-maniac|Su- Wrote: Point 2. I dont have those problems - maybe it.s why I.m always playing duel with headphones Idea

i checked it both with a hi-fi system and headphones. sound was completely muted behind that line Sad

RE: Sound issues - Mr. Bougo - 04-02-2012

Please please pleaaaaaaaaaase add this to the bug tracker, if you want this bug to be ever fixed.


RE: Sound issues - Tanya (prophets) - 04-07-2012

Okay, I reported everything on the bugtracker.

1. Respawn sounds
2. Muted sounds when being far away
3. Gibs sounds when falling off the map

Greets, Tanya

RE: Sound issues - Mr. Bougo - 04-07-2012

Thank you!