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xonotic menu - SinSniper - 04-12-2010

this is how i tought the menu could be Smile a very simple one.

in the orange squares it could be placed a slideshow of screenshots in gradient or a video or watherver
each menu would open in a separate window, not popup windows as 2.5.2

this is concept art, nothing definitive Smile

just hoping to help


RE: xonotic menu - Debugger - 04-12-2010

Yeah, simple ;D

But nice...reminds on other games?

RE: xonotic menu - SinSniper - 04-12-2010

yes, i tought about cod 4 modern warfare, one of the most played fps games and with a simple going menu, simple but effective, i think is the best thing

RE: xonotic menu - O.I.B. - 04-12-2010

Honestly I think that the previous 2 menu concepts that where posted are better.

RE: xonotic menu - Lee_Stricklin - 04-12-2010

I personally like this better:


RE: xonotic menu - Roanoke - 04-12-2010

I concur. Mastermind's menu should be the ultimate goal, I think.

RE: xonotic menu - od@r - 04-13-2010

conbination black theme with gold / orange colors looks great Smile