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Linux performance issues in Xonotic 0.6? - Sarge999 - 04-04-2012


I just tested Xonotic 0.6 on an Opteron 175 with X1950GTX graphics card. It works perfectly on Win32, but on Linux64 I get a HEAVY performance drop (single digit frame rates). I also tested Xonotic 0.5 on the same machine, which works far better.

* flgrx drivers
* Ubuntu 10.10

I don't know the reason for this, but maybe someone's interested in this finding.

RE: Linux performance issues in Xonotic 0.6? - Maddin - 04-04-2012

Did you try the autobuild downloader? http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=1863

RE: Linux performance issues in Xonotic 0.6? - WingedPanther - 04-04-2012

I'm running on Ubuntu 11.10 with no issues. Core i3 with Intel graphics.

RE: Linux performance issues in Xonotic 0.6? - edh - 04-04-2012

This is most likely a driver problem. What version of fglrx are you running? I can't remember now if X1xxx cards are supported on the latest drivers or not.

Have you tried running the big benchmark? It would be interesting to have you run it under both Windows and Linux to compare. That would also give an aim of where you need to try and get to with the Linux performance. If you can upload the logs from this that would also be interesting to compare any messages given.

Do you have good 3D performance in other games under Linux? Anything you can also compare with under Windows? The output of glxinfo may be interesting to see if direct rendering is working or not. Also try glxgears. It's not a bencmark but can be a useful measure. I would guess with that card you should get around 10000fps with glxgears. If you get <1000 I'd say there's something very broken.

Also what window desktop environment are you running? It is known that compositing window manager effects can hit performance so it might be worth trying under a simple xterm or twm session to see if the performance is the same.