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Forum downtime today - Mr. Bougo - 04-12-2012

Sorry for the downtime! There have been some issues with one of the servers and it affected the forum's databases. Things should be alright now!

EDIT: Oh my. The way I worded this makes it seem that I had an involvement in fixing this. This wasn't the case at all. merlijn and divVerent are to thank!

RE: Forum downtime today - rocknroll237 - 04-12-2012

Lol at the admin message... Tongue

EDIT: 200th post! WOOOOOOP! Now, give me rep!

RE: Forum downtime today - Mr. Bougo - 04-12-2012

+rep because you liked my message. Apparently the forum closed on its own since nobody knows who did it, not even the logs.

RE: Forum downtime today - Sless - 04-12-2012

Well, the Forum seems to have ethics.
More likely to shut itself down before used by evil, nasty and satanic Killergameplayers.
Them, who'd eat little children.
Praise the dark lord.


RE: Forum downtime today - Samual - 04-12-2012

Actually, no -- You did it MrBougo... the logs say you're the one who closed the forum.

Mr. Bougo - 12th Apr 2012, 15:35 - Changed board settings - <IP ADDRESS HERE>


RE: Forum downtime today - Mr. Bougo - 04-12-2012

Nope, that was me setting the message because there was none and it looked silly. "see admin message below" with no message at all.

RE: Forum downtime today - [CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] - 04-13-2012

Doesn't matter anyways: The forum is back!

RE: Forum downtime today - Mr. Bougo - 04-13-2012


RE: Forum downtime today - Spaceman - 04-13-2012

(04-13-2012, 04:06 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Welcome!

Thank you Mr. Bougo

RE: Forum downtime today - rocknroll237 - 04-13-2012

Cheers for the rep! Tongue