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Audio crackling - Malvineous - 04-14-2012

Hi all,

I've just discovered Xonotic and it looks great! Unfortunately the audio quality's not so good. On the menu it's fine, but after playing for a little while it starts crackling. It sounds to me like an audio buffer underrun of only a couple of samples, but it sounds like a very loud Geiger counter near a very active source! It's worse if I run in a higher resolution.

I can't see a way of enlarging the audio buffer however. Is this possible?

RE: Audio crackling - Mr. Bougo - 04-14-2012

Can you give us some more information on your OS and sound configuration?

RE: Audio crackling - Malvineous - 04-14-2012

Sure, I'm running Arch Linux with kernel 3.3.1. Using ALSA 1.0.25 with SPDIF output to an external amplifier.

Upon further experimentation, lowering the audio sample rate to 44.1kHz (from 48kHz) seems to help. Lower sample rates (22k) don't give me any in-game audio (just menu music) but 44.1k seems to be ok and avoid the crackling.

Obviously I'd prefer 48k though since that's what everything else on the system uses, so I take it there's no way of correcting the miscalculated audio buffer size? Or is there anything else I can test?

RE: Audio crackling - chooksta - 04-14-2012

and you have cross checked ya equipment with other games/tunes?

you sure ya wires havnt been half eaten by ya cat?

also make sure ya sample rate is matched across the game and the audio nerd thingo , because if they are , say one is at 48 , and the other is 44.1 then YA MAY HAVE ISSUES

also if you listen to http://soundcloud.com/chooksta then that can induce unwanted noise too :p



RE: Audio crackling - Malvineous - 04-14-2012

Yes system has been working unchanged for a couple of years now, and only Xonotic has problems. ALSA is running through dmix set to 48k so I would think 48k would be more reliable, but setting Xonotic to 44.1k and having ALSA upsample to 48k fixes the noise. I don't know what the audio nerd thingo is.

RE: Audio crackling - chooksta - 04-16-2012

a soundcard is the audio nerd thing :p