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XonStat FAQ - Antibody - 04-20-2012

Hey everyone, I just created a FAQ for XonStat here. Any ideas on what else I should put on there? Being in the weeds of stats for so long, I think I lose the "new player" perspective sometimes.

RE: XonStat FAQ - afullo - 04-20-2012

Quote:Q: Why do I have duplicate records in stats?

A: This can happen if you fully delete and reinstall the game or otherwise remove your entire game home directory. When this happens the game recreates a new key when it can't find the old one. The new key, the "hashkey", isn't known by XonStat so it creates another player for you.

If I own 2 PCs, and I played alternatively from one or another, is there a way to duplicate an hashkey and use it on both computers?

RE: XonStat FAQ - Antibody - 04-20-2012

Yes, there is! I'll write that one up tomorrow when I'm not so exhausted (and when I'm not making typos every other word). Thanks!