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RE: Xonotic NA Duel Cup #1 - W4RP1G - 06-02-2012

(06-02-2012, 03:51 PM)Loafers Wrote: Honorable mention: [Image: us4ijl0.png] Loafers

pffft you should have played Angry

RE: Xonotic NA Duel Cup #1 - nifrek - 06-02-2012

Big thanks to srkdy for organizing the cup, who is doing a lot to help the NA community to get more activity, I think it went very well and it was good games all around. Exhausting, but tons of fun Smile

Kudos to osiris, zeroql, mirio, kuniu and kojn for participating despite the high ping! And Antibody for streaming some matches, looking forward to see more of that at next events Smile

It's a shame Pcl couldn't make it, hope to see him around more and hopefully at next cup(s).

RE: Xonotic NA Duel Cup #1 - srkdy - 06-02-2012

The first batch of demos has been uploaded to my website @ http://www.srkdy.com. I'll upload more as they come.