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Hardcore mode - rafallus - 05-12-2012

An idea for higher difficulty of single player: Hardcore mode. Difference between normal and hardcore is that you cannot respawn on hardcore, so if you die in ffa, that's it. If you die in other modes, theoretically your team could still win, but it would rely on bots doing their job, and you'd have to wait it out, so practically it would be the same thing.

I'd see it as checkbox on singleplayer window, it would apply to campaign and instant action. Not much point in multiplayer, as it would effectively be LMS with 1 life. But it could provide some challenge otherwise.

RE: Hardcore mode - unfa - 05-17-2012

I'd simplify it and call it "One Life Mode".

If you die = game over.

No more rules.

RE: Hardcore mode - hutty - 05-17-2012

One issue ... its still not that hard

I completed every level of the SP campaign (on hard) only passing on to the next level if I completed it without dieing ...
The hardest level was the storm keep race (back in 0.5)

dieing goes back to level 1 ... would be very hard .. if not impossible
... especially on the minsta nex level (even when abusing the mega-health stripe effect shield bug)

RE: Hardcore mode - Justin - 05-17-2012

I think considering 'hardcore mode' isn't what should be the priority. In my opinion the most urgent thing is to improove bots and to plan the real campaign. So far I 've found Mircea Kitsune's ideas the best ones (and the only ones? Correct me if Im wrong).
I look forward to see the real campaign (although I cannot pass through the current one - something's wrong)
If I wasn't clear enough: I'm against the idea, rafallus.

RE: Hardcore mode - hutty - 05-17-2012


there is my idea too ... however it is more designed for a good story and minimal coding requirements than overall awesomeness

also yes.. there is a bug in the current campaign ... you have to find the var that states the index of the campaign and skip the level