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[SOLVED] Machine gun view - rocknroll237 - 05-13-2012

Hi guys,

I have an fov of 110, yet the machine gun is way too far forward. You can hardly see the little screen on it.

Here are some shots.

RE: Machine gun view - Mr. Bougo - 05-13-2012

I reuploaded the images to an actual image hosting service. File hosting services are a pain to use comparatively.
[Image: Sk8Wbl.jpg#FKgMGgRmUy3jLRQ]
[Image: 06Sjrl.jpg#k893bZuXK0ml8JO]

RE: Machine gun view - rocknroll237 - 05-13-2012


RE: Machine gun view - W4RP1G - 05-13-2012

I agree, I didn't even know the MG had a scope until I put the fov to 115.

tbh, I hate the way the guns changed with the fov settings.

RE: Machine gun view - Lee_Stricklin - 05-14-2012

For the most part, I find that the guns look best at about 114 and look bad after that. One thing I thought was pretty cool (like the only thing lol the game is riddled with pop up and other gfx issues) in Tribes 4 in terms of visuals was that the gun appearances didn't change with the FOV settings.

RE: Machine gun view - rafallus - 05-14-2012

Isn't mg model to be replaced anyway?

RE: Machine gun view - hutty - 05-14-2012

eventually ....