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Xonotic Conflict Watch (XonCW) - divVerent - 05-15-2012

I set up a service to monitor git branhces and whether they currently conflict with master or not at:


It is updated every 3 hours, and you can use a RSS reader to get informed when one of your branches causes conflicts.

This is how it looks with Slick RSS in Chromium:

[Image: 3ec54e02ac7b4b71d3a69f0b9fe80758.png]

This is how it looks with Feed Sidebar in Firefox:

[Image: 77a3118246cec2fdfe03d4ef86379e86.png]

Have fun!

RE: Xonotic Conflict Watch (XonCW) - terencehill - 05-15-2012

Nice stuff, thanks.
I just discovered merge conflicts in my itemstime branch without checking it out manually Smile

RE: Xonotic Conflict Watch (XonCW) - chooksta - 05-15-2012

can they monitor spelling mistakes?

* chooksta is off to get a big bowl of branhces , mmmm


seriously though , cool feature mate Smile



RE: Xonotic Conflict Watch (XonCW) - Mr. Bougo - 05-15-2012

Wow, that's awesome. That's going to be super convenient.

Also, what WM is that?

RE: Xonotic Conflict Watch (XonCW) - divVerent - 05-15-2012


RE: Xonotic Conflict Watch (XonCW) - Spaceman - 05-15-2012

Another excellent addition to Xonotic, thanks

(05-15-2012, 11:10 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Also, what WM is that?
It might be easier to declare the WM it is not?

Is Unity a WM?

RE: Xonotic Conflict Watch (XonCW) - CuBe0wL - 05-16-2012