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Replacing Shotgun ammo - hutty - 06-05-2012

with irons !


My idea is to replace shotgun ammo with Irons.

... It makes sense with a shotgun but is not specific to a shotgun

What ... how is this an ammo?
... the main Idea is that this is metal that can be modled by the weapon for specific needs

Well ... what new weapons would use this?
.. plenty ... muahahah

  1. The iron launcher:: shoots a big ball of iron (cannonball) ... while holding down the fire button the gun molds a ball infront of the gun (getting bigger and bigger) then upon release the ball fires... (bigger is slower and heavier))
  2. Grapple Ripper :: its a grapple gun ... but better ..... .... .... this gun fires a grapple hook chain that has the ark of a mortar ... If it hits a wall you are pulled to it really fast ... If it hits an item it is pulled to you ... it it hits a player it is pulled to you, and then whiped behind you at an even faster speed...
  3. Iron Goo Launcher::: launches hot liquid iron that can sick to walls floors and players ... if on a floor it will make the surface slick ... If on a player they will slowly gain damage untill they jump into water (to wash it off) ... this should only be used in maps with water
  4. box maker ::: when physics get working ... It makes crates that one can use to block up passages, or build defences, or towers , or giant peni... never mined ....
  5. CHAINSAW LAUNCHER:: (note I got this idea from someone on the irc) pretty much ... a mortar that shoots live chainsaws ... (might be a super weapon)

These are all just brainstorms ... not all of them are very good ... but Having a non-weapon specific ammo would be great ... and I would really like a crate maker gun Big Grin

so... what do you think ...

RE: Replacing Shotgun ammo - Cyber Killer - 06-06-2012

I'd rather see a new, powerful shotgun-like weapon (flak cannon anyone? ;-) ).

RE: Replacing Shotgun ammo - asyyy - 06-06-2012

Isn't the crylink the flak cannon in xonotic?

RE: Replacing Shotgun ammo - Mirio - 06-06-2012

Shotgun+Laser merge -->> Shotgun ammo gone.

RE: Replacing Shotgun ammo - rafallus - 06-06-2012

Quote:Shotgun+Laser merge -->> Shotgun ammo gone.

And this is one of the best points of that merge.

RE: Replacing Shotgun ammo - Cyber Killer - 06-06-2012

(06-06-2012, 02:10 AM)asy7um Wrote: Isn't the crylink the flak cannon in xonotic?

I guess you can say that, but it doesn't have a grenade launcher and it can't 1hit kill anyone with 100hp.

Anyway, Xonotic has few ammo types anyway (4 if I'm correct), which is probably because of the Quake legacy. As a player I don't feel a need to remove one of them. Rather rebalance the ammo use by weapons. Currently the plasma and rockets are overused, and bullets and shells are used by only few weapons. Hence the new weapon idea, or change one of the current ones to use different ammo.

RE: Replacing Shotgun ammo - hutty - 06-06-2012

Quote:I guess you can say that, but it doesn't have a grenade launcher and it can't 1hit kill anyone with 100hp.
... chainsaw launcher ...

I think that shotgun + laser merge is a bad idea altogether ... I know there is a long discussion about it ... this is an alternative.

This will not change shotgun in any way ... but will open up the amo to more than just shotguns for potential new guns....

A super shotgun is still makeale ... the list of ideas for guns I listed was only brainstorming ... its not definate

RE: Replacing Shotgun ammo - W4RP1G - 06-06-2012

Epic had a great idea in Unreal Championship 2, the canister gun. It was a gun that acted as both the grenade launcher and bio-rifle. It was pretty neat, and weapon switching between the 2 was very fast because there was no weapon switch animation. I always wanted to see this idea developed into something more, but they seem to have abandoned it all together.

I'd like to see something like that implemented into another game, but not Xonotic. Sorry hutty Sad