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[MAP-ALPHA] revctf1 (maybe?) - AKA The Well - Revenant - 06-06-2012

Well, its been a long time since I've done any mapping or modding but I've had a craving for ages.

I plan on entering this in the CTF mapping contest if I can finish it on time. First, I would like to get some feedback on the layout and item placement. Both are still quite rough.


I will update this thread with more info and screenshots when I have time.

Note: I am not currently looking for input on visuals.

RE: [MAP-ALPHA] revctf1 (maybe?) - AKA The Well - Chryyz - 06-06-2012

I like it. It needs polish (obviously), but I like the layout. I've actually been hoping a mapper would make a map like this for a while.

The item placement seems fine to me with the exception of the nex/gunidon'tevenwanttoname, but item placement generally doesn't seem all that important to me in CTF so long as there are weapons readily available where people spawn. Generally the nex is put where chaos is funneled the most, and for good reason. Considering the power of the nex on a very large map like this, it's my belief it should be in limited supply and contested with the other team if it's available at all. Somewhere in the middle. Maybe even floating above somewhere with a little trick to get to it that players would have to figure out (and no cheese through rocketing) would be fine.

Looking forward to see how this progresses.

Chryyz approved.

RE: [MAP-ALPHA] revctf1 (maybe?) - AKA The Well - tZork - 06-07-2012

This map is now in overkill's map pool.

Note to ompldr users:
if you link to http://ompldr.org/xyz123a/packname.pk3 (in this case http://ompldr.org/vZTR4dQ/revctf1-a1.pk3) instead of http://ompldr.org/xyz123a, you make life a little easier for server admins, as the first way works with wget while the second does not.

RE: [MAP-ALPHA] revctf1 (maybe?) - AKA The Well - Mr. Bougo - 06-07-2012

Note to wget users: If you come across an ompldr link that does not end with the desired filename, use --content-disposition to have wget read the filename from the Content Disposition headers. The manpage says it is potentially buggy, but it seems to work fine for me.


(Of course it's much more convenient to have the long url, I totally agree with you)

RE: [MAP-ALPHA] revctf1 (maybe?) - AKA The Well - tZork - 06-07-2012

Revenant, i had a quick run around the map and the layout has potential for epic battles methinks! Id recommend including a minimap tough, as its a fairly large map and minimaps helps ppl get around before they learnt the layout. Ill get back with some more feedback once i had a real game or two on it.

Note to Mr. Bougo, your fully off topic, at least pretend to say sth abt the map too! Wink as for wget -ninjafoo, i use a script that involves wget on the MoN servers to automate map install's. Since ompldr/hu834v6 links still happily download, there's no error and thus i "installed" maps that way many times without them ever entering the map-rotation.

RE: [MAP-ALPHA] revctf1 (maybe?) - AKA The Well - Sless - 06-08-2012

The map is also available on DCC Transmutable-server.
But it's not in maprotation, so that you gotta use "suggestmap thewell" or ask someone with rcon.

I had a quickrun on the map too, and it's HUGE!
Probably scale it down a bit. 10% or so.

Havent played with anybody, so i cant tell if it's "good" or "bad".
Only thing i noticed is that you have to go over the bridge, no matter what. Dunno if that "needleear" is intended, but that'll become the campy / map-controlling point imo.

RE: [MAP-ALPHA] revctf1 (maybe?) - AKA The Well - tZork - 06-08-2012

I had a quick game @ overkill on it. I would agree with Sless that it could be scaled down a bit. That said, i do like that there's ample space to maneuver. You also really need to get some contrast in it, by lighting and/or texture variation. Some places you can get stuck in wall recesses and such without even seeing they are there (yes i realize its a early alpha, but it rather hurts game-play atm).

RE: [MAP-ALPHA] revctf1 (maybe?) - AKA The Well - CuBe0wL - 06-08-2012

I'm not commenting because I already told you my observations on IRC, and it's mostly what tZork and Sless said above Smile