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demo jump back? - Rage_ATWM - 06-17-2012

Eternal topic: so I understood that DP does not allow to rewind a demo, i.e. playback with a negative time arrow.
Now, would DP allow to jump back into a demo and then play it with a positive time arrow?

possible HMI: I press the rewind key, the demo pauses, the timer display the timer rewinding, I press the rewind key again, then the demo restarts from this time point.

(Sorry in advance if that answer has been given 52 times before)

RE: demo jump back? - Mr. Bougo - 06-17-2012

exec input_demoseeking.cfg

// Usage:
// start a demo
// use ,. keys to seek -5/+5 seconds
// use m/ keys (left/right of ,.) to seek -30/+30 seconds

And you can also use the seekdemo command after execing that config: seekdemo +15 to go 15 seconds forward for example.

RE: demo jump back? - Rage_ATWM - 06-17-2012

It's exec input-demoseeking.cfg actually.

Is kind of new or I missed it?

RE: demo jump back? - Mr. Bougo - 06-17-2012

It's been there since June 7 2011.

RE: demo jump back? - CuBe0wL - 06-17-2012

Dafuq oO

RE: demo jump back? - Rage_ATWM - 06-17-2012

yeah, it's like the the whole community had always been looking for such funtionality. Or maybe I'm not enough informed, idk.

RE: demo jump back? - Antibody - 06-17-2012

We didn't make it a huge announcement as it isn't as seamless as it should be, but it works!

RE: demo jump back? - hutty - 06-18-2012

couldn't you just jump back a 60th of a second 60 times a second to rewind?

RE: demo jump back? - Mr. Bougo - 06-19-2012

Rewinding involves restarting the demo and seeking to X seconds earlier. You really don't want to seek back 60 times for one second Big Grin

RE: demo jump back? - Sless - 06-19-2012

(06-17-2012, 02:33 PM)C.Brutail Wrote: Dafuq oO

Same reactoin here.
No more slowmo 20 and missing the spot again.


RE: demo jump back? - K__ - 06-20-2012

OMG, why didnt I know this =o soo many good frags I could send to zeroqls movie :,(