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DOORS! How? - neXus - 07-02-2012

I really don't know how to make doors. I want some explanation on doors.
1. How can i make 2 doors that open in different directions?
2. Which direction a door opens with a specific angle?
3. Why linking doors makes them move in the same direction?

RE: DOORS! How? - Mepper - 07-02-2012

You should make doors with a trigger and a func_door. For every door you should be able to set the way it opens, but I'm not sure how.

RE: DOORS! How? - Mr. Bougo - 07-02-2012

It should all be described in the entity editor thing. There's func_door_rotating also, for rotating doors (instead of sliding).

Entity definition file used by radiant Wrote:Normal sliding door entity. By default, the door will activate when player walks close to it or when damage is inflicted to it.
If DOOR_DONT_LINK is not set, the door will be linked with all doors it touches. Note however that for linked doors to work properly, it is necessary that ALL linked doors have SOME volume of common area (that is, there must be a point that is part of ALL doors).

Doors that aren't linked to a trigger automatically spawn their own, too.

RE: DOORS! How? - Maddin - 07-02-2012

Read the description of the entities! Wink

Quote:"angle" determines the opening direction

RE: DOORS! How? - neXus - 07-02-2012

(07-02-2012, 01:15 PM)Maddin Wrote: Read the description of the entities! Wink

Quote:"angle" determines the opening direction

But which angle moves the door in which direction?

RE: DOORS! How? - Mepper - 07-02-2012

The easiest way to find out is to just make your door, compile the map and test it.

RE: DOORS! How? - Maddin - 07-02-2012

Ok, thought you know the basics of mathematics. Tongue It goes from 0° up to 360° around the z axis, -1 is for up and -2 for down. An example:

In this case the door will move towards the y-axis, away from the xz-plane.

RE: DOORS! How? - Mr. Bougo - 07-02-2012

Well, it's not completely obvious. There are a few different ways of specifying angles.

RE: DOORS! How? - hutty - 07-02-2012

0 degrees is right on the top down view

90 is up



... i think ...

RE: DOORS! How? - neXus - 07-03-2012

So. i created 2 doors which look like that. The left door has z-axis 0 degrees, and the right one has z-axis 180 degrees. Note that they are made of multiple brushes which share the same func_door property. They're also marked with DOOR_DONT_LINK. Compiled the map. If i go near those doors, none of them open. Why?

RE: DOORS! How? - Maddin - 07-03-2012

First of all don´t mess up the brushes with clipping like you did it there! Such structures aren´t good.

You thought it nearly the right way, only the angle values are the problem. The northern door needs a value of 90 and the southern a value of 270. Like this one:
[Image: scaled.php?server=62&filename=bildschirm...g&res=crop]
Also, the trigger is targeted at the two doors which have the same targetname.

Oh, and forget about this DOOR_DONT_LINK thingy, it´s not necessary.