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exploding effects - tangerian - 07-04-2012

i'm trying to make a destroyable blow up in flames, however, i do not remember where to find the effects list for entities.

RE: exploding effects - CuBe0wL - 07-04-2012

These kind of discussion belong to "Xonotic - Editing and Concept Art". No biggy, just a notice.

Effects can be found in data/effectinfo.txt (it might be zipped in dataxyz.pk3). Note, that not all of them can be used in a map. You have to use the func_pointparticles entity to spawn them in your map - note, that it's pretty much resource hungry, so try not to overuse them.
Read entity description in entity info window for further notes on how to spawn the entities. Don't worry if it's not working on first try, try to fiddle around with the different keys and values.

RE: exploding effects - hutty - 07-04-2012

you dont need a func_pointparticles for exploding effects on a func_breakable ... the func_breakable can do them on its own

RE: exploding effects - tangerian - 07-04-2012

i know this, i just need to know where to find the actual names of the effects and how to make it work with the func_breakable is all

RE: exploding effects - Mr. Bougo - 07-04-2012

The names are in effectinfo.txt. Isn't func_breakable explained in the entity editor?