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Xonotic Community Blog - asyyy - 08-08-2012

What is this?
This blog is an initiative to gather news and quality content from the Xonotic community. Including but not being limited to tournament news, tutorials, map releases and servers.

Why not use the official blog on xonotic.org?
The official blog on xonotic.org is very strict regarding user-generated content as the owner of the website is(?) legally liable for everything being posted there. As a consequence it is a pain in the back to get your content on that blog. I have a life outside of xonotic which keeps me busy and I just want to post my stuff somewhere without having endless discussions, editing and revisions. I hope that's understandable for everyone in some way.

Who will write there?
Everyone is welcome. Drop me a message here or on irc along with your preferred username, a valid email address and a short description about what you want to contribute. I for one will write about the nationscup, important map releases and (hopefully) interesting discussions inside the community.

Where can I find it?

Suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome.

RE: Xonotic Community Blog - zivs - 08-08-2012

I have some experience in interviewing and doing (not VoD's like last time) match reviews for games, though, they all were in my native (Latvian) language. Anyway, I'm ready to do, at least, the interviewing (players, developers, etc.) part freely. Just someone have to re-check my English afterwards, since it's not my native language. Smile

RE: Xonotic Community Blog - Mirio - 08-08-2012

Cool! Gonna spread the word.

RE: Xonotic Community Blog - Maddin - 08-08-2012

Very nice! Smile Will look forward to post something then.

RE: Xonotic Community Blog - rocknroll237 - 08-08-2012

Very nice indeed. Smile

zivs, did you get my PM?

RE: Xonotic Community Blog - hutty - 08-08-2012

looks fine

RE: Xonotic Community Blog - Cyber Killer - 08-09-2012

Added to my rss reader.

RE: Xonotic Community Blog - Halogene - 08-09-2012

Interesting. Does your competitive package contain anything that does or potentially infringes third party intellectual property rights? If not, I'd be curious why posting this on official Xonotic blog was not feasible (though probably this has been discussed in-depth already...).

I think though that emphasizing the competitive aspect of Xonotic and providing assistance to newcomers with competitive ambitions is a good and valid strategy to promote the game. Good job!

RE: Xonotic Community Blog - asyyy - 08-09-2012

The mappack contains non-gpl maps, e.g. aerowalk and some tdm maps.

RE: Xonotic Community Blog - Cortez666 - 08-09-2012

(08-09-2012, 03:35 AM)asy7um Wrote: The mappack contains non-gpl maps, e.g. aerowalk and some tdm maps.

5 in total + the q3 package

+ Hub3aeroq3a_nex_r4
+ Map-dm-ospdm1_nex_r2_fix (The Edge)
+ Map-dm-ospdm5_nex_r2_fix (Deep Inside)
+ MIKEctf2_nex
+ Moonstone
+ zzz_q3a_compat_alpha1 (textures, models, etc. needed to run quake3 maps properly)