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Toon shader - soukaina - 08-23-2012

Does anybody how to use a toon shader in xonotic?
Thank you

RE: Toon shader - Mr. Bougo - 08-23-2012

I believe it's called cel shading, and it's only per-map. If you want to shade the entire game, including player models, items etc., you can only do it on your own screen with GLSL shaders.

If you want to cel shade a map, you need to set the worldspawn's _celshader key to the shader you want to use for cel shading. We had cel shaders in Nexuiz but they weren't ported to Xonotic. You can find them here. You only need to set the worldspawn's _celshader to cel/black_ink for example to get black ink outlines.

I think you can also use q3map2's -celshader parameter, for example -celshader cel/black_ink, without having to change the map file.

RE: Toon shader - tZork - 08-23-2012

edit: hmm that one was not very informative..
is a bit better

RE: Toon shader - soukaina - 08-24-2012

Thanks guys

RE: Toon shader - soukaina - 08-24-2012

Actually I don't need the outlines I just want the non-photorealistic lighting of the toon shading.
I tried this and all I get is the outlines.

found it it's r_celshading 1

RE: Toon shader - Justin - 08-24-2012

hey! Its not a Warsow!
This. Is. Xonotic! (kick into the death pit)
tZork: Where can I find a tutorial how to create every possible shader (decals shaders, bumpmapping, emiting shaders...) Eveything written neatly down? FOR NOOBS?
Edit:I guess I found allready: http://q3map2.robotrenegade.com/docs/shader_manual/contents.html

RE: Toon shader - soukaina - 08-24-2012

But I tried it and it worked in Xonotic

RE: Toon shader - Justin - 08-24-2012

Yes, of course, because Xonotic is an open project and allows a huge variety of possibilities and features. Also: Hello and Welcome! To! Xonotic! (kick into a death pit) - sorr. have an obsession.
Also very important stuff (if you haven't read it yet): BASICS!

RE: Toon shader - Mr. Bougo - 08-24-2012

(08-24-2012, 04:53 AM)soukaina Wrote: found it it's r_celshading 1

Huh? Did you want to make a cel-shaded map? If you wanted to render everything cel-shaded, you're in the wrong section. I assumed you wanted to cel-shade a map.

RE: Toon shader - hutty - 08-24-2012

toon shading without lines ...
so you want this?

[Image: 936full-the-legend-of-zelda%3A-the-wind-...enshot.jpg]

anyways ... all follishness aside

look at q3map_shadeAngle

Quote:Specifies the breaking angle for phong shading. This allows for smooth shadows between brush faces like patches. The angle parameter is the angle between adjacent faces at which smoothing will start to occur. Typical values are usually in the 120-179 range.

that may make your patch meshes rougher ... if thats what you were doing ...

RE: Toon shader - rocknroll237 - 10-11-2012

This thread might be an interesting read: http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=3577