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XPM Question? - kidx - 08-31-2012

How do I set XPM and what is XPM can you guys please give me more info also is it random game types or multiple. Also is there a Pro Mod for Xonotic like the option to disable certain weapons kick campers,spawn protection,Country Flags on score board maybe IP's,More gore,more stable/online server setting to improve latency and Jestures like in SOF2 Rocmod style.

RE: XPM Question? - hutty - 09-01-2012

nope... xpm just makes it so you cant pick up medium and large health/armor if you have > 100 ... and a few other minor tweaks (like canceling hagar secondary)

[*] disabling of weapons can be done in config
[*] xonotic has spawn protection ... just pop up the number in config
[*] nope ... no country flags ... although I think the rocket minsta mod had those ... I personally hate waving the silly flag everywhere .. it brings in way too many stereotypes ... (im US btw)
[*] gore is handled client side ... I have it turned off ... its up to players to decide gore levels
[*] why would any server ever not use the most stable/least latency settings?
[*] by jesters ... do you mean taunts? ... we have those already... If you want more ... you would have to add more animations to the player models ...

RE: XPM Question? - kidx - 09-01-2012

ok where can i find a list of commands and what they do also can i just make a sound pack?

RE: XPM Question? - asyyy - 09-01-2012

In your server.cfg:
exec balanceXPM.cfg

RE: XPM Question? - kidx - 09-01-2012

Ok how do i make the server random game types on map loading or my choices of random game types?