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[SOLVED]Experiencing Some Internet Problems - anark10n - 09-03-2012

Specifically YouTube.

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04, latest Firefox. The videos stream fine, but I can't download any of the videos direct from YouTube. Using a third-party download manager (uGet) gives me a message saying that the server responded with a 403 error. But for some reason, i can download the video if it is embedded in another site. Furthermore, the video downloads fine on a Windows machine.

Would anyone know why this is happening? Has anyone else experienced this?

RE: Experiencing Some Internet Problems - zykure - 09-03-2012

Uhm, sounds weird Tongue

Have you tried it with another browser, e.g. Chromium/Chrome? Also, I use VideoDownloadHelper to download such videos, and it works fine all the time. Maybe you can give that one a try?

RE: Experiencing Some Internet Problems - Mr. Bougo - 09-03-2012

Are you using the same version of uGet and Firefox on both OSes? How are you trying to directly download the videos from YouTube in Firefox? Is it sending exactly the same HTTP request?

If I understood it right and you are indeed downloading this directly from firefox, install the Live HTTP Headers addon and see if the packet sent differs from one OS to the other. Otherwise, if it's a third party process doing the download, perhaps try finding the GET packet with Wireshark (website)

RE: Experiencing Some Internet Problems - anark10n - 09-03-2012

Didn't try uGet on the Windows machine, but the default download manager on Windows managed to download the video, while the one on Linux did not. I'm going to try the add-on that you suggested to see if that helps any? Thanks.

Also, is Chromium compatible with uGet?

RE: Experiencing Some Internet Problems - Mr. Bougo - 09-03-2012

What do you call the "default download manager"?? You use Firefox to somehow download the video file from YouTube. Could you please detail your workflow for this?

EDIT: Oh whoa. There are different programs all called uGet, which one are you using? From my understanding, it's a standalone program that you feed some URL and it then downloads your file. It's completely independant from your browser, so there's no such thing as "compatibility with chromium".

EDIT2: Could you perhaps come on irc? http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=xonotic and ask for MrBougo? (type it exactly so I know you're there)