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A Big Thanks to Gronkh - Antibody - 09-07-2012

On behalf of Team Xonotic and the entire Xonotic community I'd like to give a big thank you to Gronkh! Today he helped show thousands of live-stream viewers just how fun (and silly) Xonotic can be. We appreciate it, and we look forward to seeing you out on the servers soon, Gronkh! In the mean time the rest of the development team and I will continue to work hard on improving this game we love. Thanks again, and happy fragging!

P.S. - Our servers still love you even though you gave them a slight bump Big Grin

[Image: traffic_spike.jpg]

RE: A Big Thanks to Gronkh - PinkRobot - 09-08-2012

I almost forgot that I had this script running. This is what happened to the public servers (private servers not counted of course) yesterday, quite nice!

RE: A Big Thanks to Gronkh - chooksta - 09-08-2012

so many nerds... BRRRRR

thankyou mr gronkh , ty

does this mean we are cool now?



RE: A Big Thanks to Gronkh - Loafers - 09-08-2012

who Gronkh Huh

RE: A Big Thanks to Gronkh - rocknroll237 - 09-08-2012

Loafers, use Google! Smile

Anyway, the servers are full up and we've got a whole bunch of new players which is awesome!

RE: A Big Thanks to Gronkh - [CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] - 09-08-2012

Hah! I watched the stream!

Gronkh is a famous German Let's Player which means that he plays and comments games and you can watch that on youtube.

RE: A Big Thanks to Gronkh - Mr. Bougo - 09-08-2012

For the record, here's another thread from the forum related to yesterday's wave of newcomers: http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=3477

RE: A Big Thanks to Gronkh - TourianTourist - 09-09-2012

I'm one of the people, who learned about the game via gronkh. I always have been a big fan of arena shooters starting with Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena, while I never really got into games like Battlefield or Call of Duty.

But the last years didn't offer anything great in the arena shooter department. I mostly played UT3, but while its core gameplay is great, the game has many flaws like the menu, where you have to leave the current match in order to visit the server browser (lol). And Quake Live.... yeah, I don't want to pay for a premium account only to find empty premium servers, while I'm still not able to play my own custom maps. Also, I never really was a fan of Quake's simple weapons. And there was Warsow, but I didn't like that one at all.

So, here comes Xonotic. I really wonder how I could miss this game (and Nexius) for so long. It does a lot of things the right way, it's certainly not perfect yet, but at least it has none of the main issues of UT3 or Quake Live, so it seems like I will definitely keep an eye on this game. Good job!

Sadly, what it shares with UT3 are the empty servers. But hopefully this will change in the future and more people will become aware of it.

RE: A Big Thanks to Gronkh - zykure - 09-09-2012

(09-09-2012, 07:59 AM)TourianTourist Wrote: I'm one of the people, who learned about the game via gronkh.

Welcome! Big Grin

The "empty servers issue" is already chaning; we have now far more active players over the day. Of course, we still have to see if this is a case in some days, weeks, months. But I'm sure you're not the only one who discovered Xonotic via Gronkh (and Sarazar!).

Also, I have a nice graph which shows the impact a simple Tweet can have:

[Image: vZmZmaQ]

RE: A Big Thanks to Gronkh - Halogene - 09-20-2012

I just managed to watch the stream and how badly I would have liked to give Gronkh or Sarazar an enlightening newbie tutorial Big Grin

Good work Gronkh and Sarazar anyway! Heart