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Severe Vehicle Server Lag and other issues - Squigger - 09-08-2012

One of my favorite servers is undoubtedly the vehicle one, however lately is has been having some issues.

The biggest would have to be the lag that has occurred quite frequently recently.
Normally the sever has no lag, but when I am either near, being targeted, and especially shot by a enemy vehicle when inside a vehicle the lag goes off the charts.
It's to the point of being unplayable and defenseless whereas before I could at least attempt to dodge the attack.
This is especially notable with the bumblebee vehicle as it is big and slow.

Another issue is swapping between teams is becoming impossible to do on this sever, even when the teams are not of equal size.
It's not bad at the start of the match but once people start quitting/joining it becomes a big issue to maintain balance.

I was wondering if there was anything going on to help solve these issues.
Especially with all the new people we seem to be getting I want to make sure that one of our most popular servers remains as one of our best to offer Smile

RE: Severe Vehicle Server Lag and other issues - tZork - 09-08-2012

Its not a server issue tbh, the machine it run on is more then what enough (and then some). tl;dr - it needs more work. The problem is two-fold; one vehicles are not yet taking full advantage of CSQC, and being complex entities this means they put a high load on both cpu, but more importantly network. The secondary issue is that almost all current vehicle maps have very poor culling, so your client "see" almost everything almost ll the time.

There is a few things you as a client can do tough. To begin with, go in your settings->misc tab and put the network speed slider to max, this helps allot as long as your networking can keep up. Secondly, pay attention to your frame-rate, it it drops like a stone when allot of action if going on, try lowering particle quality. Large battles with turrets and vehicles hacing at it can spawn a very large number of particles and those in turn have a large impact on client conformance.

There are work being done to make vehicles less of a all around performance hog, but this will likely take some time to complete.