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Hi guys - Zany - 09-09-2012

Hi guys, im new here.

Played quake live, warsow and some quake 3 before and i would like to know what are the biggest difference and similarities compared to those games. Is there a thread or wiki or something to look at the weapon damages and all that kinda stuff?

RE: Hi guys - mudkip - 09-09-2012

Welcome! Where are you from (what region of servers do you ping best on)? What kind of game modes do you like? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

Anyway, here's some information.


Xonotic's movement is probably most similar to Warsow out of the games you mentioned, except there aren't wall jumps and you have more air control, allowing you to keep momentum through somewhat tight turns. When in the air, you can accelerate simply by going forward, though proper strafe jumping accelerates faster.

Hitting a ramp converts some of your forward momentum to vertical, launching you high into the air.


Health/armor caps at 200/200, and slowly ticks down to 100/100. All health and armor can be picked up to go over 100/100. This is different in XPM balance. XPM isn't like CPM in quake 3, with different weapon balance and physics; it's essentially just tournament settings. In XPM, only shards, 100h, and 100a can be picked up to put you over 100.

Respawn timers are simplified. 100 health, 100 armor, and 50 armor all respawn 30 seconds after being picked up; 50h and 25a are 20s; 25h and shards are 15s; weapons are 10s.


Weapon switch time is fairly quick in this game. For the weapons with slower refire rates (nex, rocket launcher), it actually makes more sense to switch to another gun and fire after your first shot than to just keep blasting away with the same weapon. Switching and firing nex, rockets, and mortars are the best example of this, and you'll see more experienced players do this all the time. We call this a 'combo'.

Numbers are taken from balanceXonotic.cfg in the game's data pk3. More details on how exactly they work can be found in Halogene's "Basic basics" thread, along with lots of other information you may or may not need.


Primary Fire (Fast moving projectile)
Damage: 25
Push Force: 300
Refire Rate: 0.7 seconds
Ammo usage: N/A

Secondary switches to your last used weapon.


Primary Fire (Shotgun Blast)
Damage: 56 (4 dmg x 14 pellets)
Push Force: 300
Refire Rate: 0.75 seconds
Ammo usage: 1 Shotgun Shell

Secondary (Melee)
Damage: 80
Push Force: 200
Refire Rate: 1.25 seconds
Ammo Usage: N/A

Machine Gun

Primary Fire (Constant fire until reload)
Damage: 14 dmg for the first shot, 10 for the shots that follow
Push Force: 5
Refire Rate: 0.125 seconds (8 shots per second)
Ammo usage: 1 Bullet (60 bullets per ‘clip’)

Secondary (3 shot burst fire)
Damage: 25
Push Force: 20
Refire Rate: 0.45 between bursts
Ammo Usage: 3 Bullets


Primary Fire (Grenade launch that explodes on impact)
Damage: 50
Push Force: 250
Refire Rate: 0.8 seconds
Ammo usage: 2 Explosive

Secondary (Grenade launch that bounces and explodes 0.5 seconds after initial bounce)
Damage: 60
Push Force: 250
Refire Rate: 0.7
Ammo Usage: 2 Explosive


Primary Fire (Fairly fast projectile that follows a straight path)
Damage: 40
Push Force: 200
Refire Rate: 0.6 seconds
Ammo usage: 4 Cell

Secondary (Energy grenades that explode after 3 seconds, or when a player detonates them with a primary blast)
Damage: 40
Push Force: 50
Refire Rate: 0.2 for the first 3 balls, 1.5 before you can fire more balls.
Ammo Usage: 2 Cell

Electro Combo Damage: Up to a maximum of 190 (40+50x3) for 3 balls. See this thread for how that works http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=3058&pid=41015#pid41015


Primary Fire (Shoots a blast of energy balls that the player can converge, also they bounce)

Damage: 72 (12x6)
Push Force: -60 (it slows down an opponent)
Refire Rate: 0.7 seconds
Ammo usage: 3 Cells

Secondary (Shoots a blast of energy balls that bounce off walls)
Damage: 15 (5x3)
Push Force: -40
Refire Rate: 0.2
Ammo Usage: 2 Cells


Primary Fire (Standard railgun type shot)
Damage: Approx 60 min, 90 Max damage. Weapon charges between shots.
Push Force: 400
Refire Rate: 1.5 seconds
Ammo usage: 6 Cells

Secondary is zoom.


Primary Fire (rapid fire projectiles, somewhat similar to the plasma gun from quake)
Damage: 25
Push Force: 100
Refire Rate: 0.1667 seconds (6 rockets per second)
Ammo usage: 1 Explosive

Secondary (Fires up to 4 hagar rockets in a blast, must be pre-loaded and will auto-fire after 4 seconds)
Damage: 40-160 (1-4 rockets per shot, depending on load)
Push Force: 75
Refire Rate: 0.5 seconds
Ammo Usage: 1 Explosive per rocket

Rocket Launcher

Primary Fire (Rocket that can be guided during flight)
Damage: 80
Push Force: 400
Refire Rate: 1.1 seconds
Ammo usage: 4 Explosives

Secondary (Detonates a rocket that has been fired)
Damage: 70
Push Force: 400
Refire Rate: N/A
Ammo Usage: N/A

RE: Hi guys - Mr. Bougo - 09-10-2012

mudkip, you should make a standalone thread or a wiki article!

RE: Hi guys - Sless - 09-10-2012

Yeah, thought the same. This article needs to be seperated or being set as a wiki article.

RE: Hi guys - Zany - 09-10-2012

Wow thanks, thats a lot of information Big Grin

Yea im from Finland and im pretty much only playing duel, havent really got the hang of anything else

RE: Hi guys - Sless - 09-10-2012

Sorry, where are my manners...

Zany, welcome to the dark halls of insanity =)

RE: Hi guys - Mirio - 09-13-2012


RE: Hi guys - rocknroll237 - 09-13-2012

Howdy. Welcome to Xonotic! Tongue

RE: Hi guys - kuniu the frogg - 09-14-2012

(09-10-2012, 09:02 AM)Sless Wrote: Sorry, where are my manners...

somewhere in the dark it seems

RE: Hi guys - machine! - 12-04-2012

Welcome! And also welcome mr Bot( Eleanoresmq )! Smile

RE: Hi guys - [CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] - 12-04-2012


RE: Hi guys - .Danny. - 12-04-2012

Welcome to xonotic and look at how insignificant all our posts look compared to mudkips!

RE: Hi guys - Antibody - 12-04-2012

mudkip, if you are interested in making this a blog post, please let me know!